Through my deep dedication to understanding what it truly takes to create self-employment success for a highly sensitive person, I’ve gotten clear that there is a necessary success formula. You must have:

1. Community

2. Core Practice®

3. Consistency

Here’s why these three elements are essential for a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur®.

We help highly sensitive people find a safe and sacred community.

Community – Most likely as a highly sensitive person you need time and space to recuperate after being with a lot of people and perhaps because of past experiences you equate community with difficulty. Perhaps you’ve also come to believe, “I’m either in community and exhausted or I am working alone.”

The key lies within aligned community. HSEs who only work alone tend to make slower progress than HSEs who are supported within a safe and sacred community. One of the main reasons is because highly sensitive persons tend to learn without even realizing they’re learning. So when you can participate in another person’s progress, you make that progress your own and acceleration occurs.

Our highly sensitive coaches will help you realize: to change your business you must change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors about your business.

Core Practice – According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of the word core is “central or most important part of something” and the definition of the word practice is to “perform an activity or exercise/skill repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain ones proficiency.”

As highly sensitive persons we tend to establish many practices that support our self-soothing and our spirituality, but we rarely ever create core practices to support the growth of our businesses! We tend to struggle to find balance between things like planning to keep us on track and also our deep needs to be fluid with our creativity and inspiration. If you want to make a change in your business you must change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors about your business. Core Practice use of the Business Miracles tools is the very best way to do that.

Our Courses can help HSE’s, self-employed and healing practitioners.

Consistency – The glue that holds it all together is being consistent with both Community and Core Practice. You must be consistent with aligned community and you must be consistent with core business practices designed to create HSE financial success. Ironically, consistency is one of the areas where HSEs have the most difficulty.

This is exactly why I’ve designed the A Course In Business Miracles Mentoring Programs to activate this must-have HSE Success Formula and we do that primarily through three HSE Success Format Foundations:

1. Core Practice Trainings – 30 minute bi-weekly trainings that build upon the Business Miracles Foundational Principle teachings and are specifically designed to support HSE marketing and selling as a coach, healing practitioner or creative entrepreneur. These trainings are supported with transcripts for deeper learning.

2. Core Practice Consistency Calls – 60 minute weekly group calls either directly with Business Mentor, Heather Dominick, or a Business Miracles® Coach, where you will step forward and receive mentoring and coaching support as well as benefit from other community members and their questions. All designed to keep you consistent with your Core Practice.

3. Core Practice Community Forum – an online community forum where you will receive e-coaching support directly from Business Mentor, Heather Dominick, or a Business Miracles Coach as well as incredible ideas, insights and inspirations from your fellow HSE Community Members.

Then, depending on your level of support, we augment these foundational formats with private, one-on-one Accountability Calls and in-person Training Retreats.

If you want to have self-employment success, experience Business Miracles on a daily basis and own the power of living in your HSE Strengths then I would like to invite you to Apply for a spot in the A Course In Business Miracles Mentoring Programs