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May 26, 2015  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

If there is one thing I hear from Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs® A LOT it’s the story of “I’m overwhelmed.”

So, what if I told you that overwhelm is not something that happens to you. Overwhelm is not something that you are. YOU aren’t overwhelm, but you experience overwhelm.

This is an energy state like all other energies, like the energy of worry or the energy of doubt or the energy of trust or the energy of faith or the energy of excitement, the energy of possibility… And for any of those energies or emotions to be activated, you must be an active participant.

The key is not about whether you are or aren’t overwhelmed, or whether things are or aren’t overwhelming in your business or whether you are afraid that you’re going to be or get overwhelmed; it’s really just a matter of how would you like to manage that energy.

This is why I am super excited to share with you an in-depth Class that teaches you exactly what to do about overwhelm plus a whole lot more. In this very special A Class In Business Miracles® Self-Study Package You will receive:

An in-depth audio class on Managing Overwhelm – Designed for the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur who is ready to clearly be able to manage their story of overwhelm, be productive and manage more than one business task at a time.

A detailed transcript of the entire class – A word-for-word follow along transcription of the entire class to support further and deeper learning.

A thought-provoking, miracle-making “Reflection and Action” sheet – Key journal questions created to activate a cellular shift in your thoughts, beliefs and actions regarding your ability to use your HSE® Strengths, particularly when it comes to overwhelm.

You are receiving this VIP one-time-only notice to thank you for being a loyal subscriber. Now that my new website and exciting new products and programs are officially launched you will find this Business Miracles Self-Study Package is $47 on the website, but for the next 48 hours only you can TAKE 50% OFF = only $23.50. Yay! 🙂


Be sure to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to begin to experience the power of “Managing Overwhelm” in your business right away. The sale ends THIS Thursday, May 28, at midnight. Your discount will automatically be applied when you click here right now.

I’m so looking forward to hearing about the incredible results you create from this very powerful A Class In Business Miracles.

See you on the audio!

Love and Blessings!


P.S. If you’ve ever stopped yourself from moving forward because of overwhelm then this Business Miracles Class is a must. Receive this powerful teaching here right now.

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