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Do You Desire To Change Your Business Chaos Into Calm?

FREE Business Miracle Tool takes less than 5 minutes to use!

I created this tool over 13 years ago when I first started my business to help me cut through all the confusion that was taking over my brain and to keep me from what felt like drowning in overwhelm. You know the questions, “What do I do first?” “What do I say to that prospect?” “How do I make this whole business thing work?” And more just like that…

– and I’ve been using it ever since. Seriously.

I’ve also shared it with literally thousands of other Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs® (HSEs®) who all give me the same feedback: “Thank you. This has saved my business and my life.”

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"The OFTU has become my secret weapon to go from overwhelm, confused and stuck on something to clarity and feeling re-connected with my intuition and my personal power. For example, I used to start everyday feeling completely overwhelmed - there was always so much to do in my business! Now, that the OFTU has become a regular part of my morning practice I start my day with simple action steps that came out of using this tool and feel clear, calm and connected."
~ Jessica Procini, HSE Emotional Eating Coach, Philadelphia, PA

"Before the OFTU, I would push through my day and hope for the best – often overworking and wondering what I had actually accomplished by the time I went to bed. Now, I start my day with an OFTU and gain immense clarity on exactly what needs to happen to create what I desire, and I get it done with a lot more ease and flow. My business is bringing in more income while I take more and more time off with my family. The OFTU is a manifestation tool I will never go without again!"
~ Stephanie Bonte-Lebair, HSE Vocal Coach, Gaithersburg, MD


Heather Dominick is the Creator of

and the founder and leader of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Movement since 2010.

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