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a key process I teach my clients – marketing as a highly sensitive person

February 11, 2021  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

There’s a transformational process that I teach in the Business Miracles Highly Sensitive Leadership Training programs called A-U-K (Awareness-Understanding-Knowing).

AUK is the path to lasting transformation. The path we must go through in order to experience and accelerate true change. 

The first phase is…
Awareness. We recognize that we want something to be different. 

The second phase is…
Understanding. We intellectually understand that we need to do something different to get a different result.

An example most people can relate to is “losing weight”. We understand that we need to eat differently, but actually doing what we understand we need to do is a whole other situation. 

Which leads us to the third phase…
Knowing. True change that can only come from consciously changing our behavior – over and over. And over.

The key is in our willingness to consistently make the choices and to take the actions. Over. And over. And over again.

That’s when true transformation occurs.

Choice. Action. Choice. Action.

And that is when we get to have a different experience. ✨


P.S. If you want to learn how the AUK process can help you move out of resistance, while also no longer being beholden to your Highly Sensitive triggers, I encourage you to listen in to Episode 93 of my podcast.

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