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a misunderstanding

June 21, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

As Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs) we tend to be wounded. It’s true. AND – there’s nothing wrong with this.

Just to be clear, we aren’t wounded BECAUSE we’re highly sensitive and past wounds aren’t what caused us to be highly sensitive. Not at all.

Typically, our wounds are simply the result of a misunderstanding.

Since most of the rest of the world is made for the other 80%, again typically, while growing up somewhere along the line we didn’t fit in.

Either school didn’t fit quite right, sporting teams were challenging or we were the black sheep in our family.

According to Dr. Elaine Aron, these traumatic moments aren’t what made us highly sensitive BUT our highly sensitive traits will intensify because of them.

This is why one of my primary Business Miracles teachings is about how your business is a portal for your healing. You’ve been drawn to your business not only because you feel called to serve others through your HSE Strengths, but because your soul is crying out for the wound healing only your business can provide.

It’s also why we face this process head on with a deep dive in Business Miracles rather than telling you to “suck it up” like other coaching programs tend to do.

And it’s also why HSEs radically transform through my work – because it’s real and not a band-aid.

I wouldn’t be able to be with myself any other way.

XO. Heather

P.S. Ready for this level of healing for your business and yourself? Just fill out this application and we will connect you with one of the Business Miracles Enrollment Coaches to see if our mentoring programs are a fit for you. 🙂

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