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June 28, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Let me tell you a story about one of my clients that might surprise you …

This client has successfully built her organizing business to a strong $8k-$10K per month. She does excellent work, receives on-going referrals and has begun to build a team.

Good, right?

And yet her heart won’t let her stop there (believe me, her head has tried), but keeps nudging her beyond what she’s already created into a daring space of doing deeper work with her organizing clients (and, yes, deep work doing organizing is absolutely possible. I’ve heard her heart’s idea and it’s slap-down brilliant).

Except just one thing threatens to hold her back …

Fear of rejection.

This deeper work she is called to do requires a deeper commitment (from her and her clients) which requires a deeper investment (from her and her clients).

She’ll need to serve in a way she never has before.

She’ll need to sell in a way she never has before.

Yikes. Scary.

The good news is that she has a track record of evidence supporting all the ways she’s triumphed through Limiting Beliefs and “I cant’s” over our years of mentoring together (seen it with my own eyes).

And the even better news is that we are still mentoring together (she recently secured next year’s mentoring spot 6 months in advance to be sure she doesn’t wiggle out of her heart’s calling). So, there’s no question she’ll continue to scale the HSE Mountain of Self-Worth, fulfill her heart’s calling, inundate herself with new levels of Business Miracles teachings and as a result boost her self-love, patience and acceptance to even greater heights.

Changing herself into an ever-evolving vehicle of service, beauty, love and worthiness.

Now, THAT’S a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur.

XO. Heather

P.S. Do you want to ensure that you also fulfill your heart’s calling? Of course, you can! Just fill out this application and we will connect you with one of the Business Miracles Enrollment Coaches to see if our mentoring programs are a fit for you. 🙂

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