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abundance prayer

May 03, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

There’s a powerful prayer from A Course In Miracles that if you say daily as a Core Practice will absolutely change the state of your business to one of abundance:

“Show me where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom.”

I’ve personally been a devotee to this prayer for years.

But there is one caveat …

After you say this prayer, you must be willing to use your HSE Strengths of Intuition and Being Deeply Spiritual By Nature to actually HEAR/SEE/FEEL the guidance you are given, LISTEN to that guidance and then ACT on what you’ve HEARD/SEEN/FELT.

It’s that last part of ACT that seems to trip most HSEs up.

And it’s also exactly where all of my Business Miracles Teachings for HSEs comes in …

The place where most stop.

How to get through that bump, over that hump, past the place that sticks you every time.

This is exactly why most of my Eminence Mentoring Program Members have all been sharing in the past few weeks that they will have already surpassed last year’s income by the SUMMER of this year or doubled their monthly income since January or generated just as much income as last year while working about half as much … and I could go on.

The reason these successes are pouring in is because consistently, since day one, I’ve been cultivating with them and in them their ability to:

Think The Thoughts
Speak The Words and

needed to bring each of them to this point.

And they have each been willing to dive deep and do the real work.


XO. Heather

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