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Business Miracless

You Are In The Right Place … you have been called here...
In fact, you are about to experience an energy shift just by reading this...

Discover the 13 Steps you need to apply your highly sensitive abilities to create the solid, successful, sustainable business you want and deserve.

Business success is directly in front of you...

But right now you doubt it. You question it. You may even fear it. You are caught facing outward, wondering where “IT” is:


And, yes... in this moment it may even feel so hard to just put one foot in front of the other and keep going... But it doesn’t have to be this way.

No matter where you are in your business, here is what you must know:

You have been called to be a coach, healing practitioner or creative entrepreneur for a reason. And I am here to show you “how” it can happen more easily, feel a lot better and be a whole lot more rewarding.

If this resonates even a little for you then I invite you to read on...

The Truth of the Matter is...

Here is what I see for so many Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs® (HSEs®) every day…

You're feeling overwhelmed, worn out and stuck in what I like to call “analysis–paralysis”.

You just can't seem to find the energy to figure out how to build your business in a way that doesn’t have you overwhelmed, but instead simply has you with a full client calendar and the freedom to enjoy life your way.


Because you’ve collected tons of:


You name it – you've collected all the information.

But, if we're really being honest here, like most of us who are highly sensitive, you're probably not making any consistent business changes from what you’ve learned (or you haven’t even cracked open the box—hey, I’ve been in that place and have had the full bookshelves to prove it!)

So, you slowly find yourself back to feeling scared and doing what you’ve always done (which isn’t making you the money or getting you any of the results that you want).

Am I right?

You’re a Very Special Breed...

See, there are many things I have come to understand about Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs, but first and foremost we are a very special breed, you and me. As an HSE it makes sense that you’ve been attracted to being a coach, practitioner or a creative entrepreneur. You are literally coded to be what Dr. Elaine Aron refers to as a “royal advisor.” You reflect more deeply on things than most people and you have the ability to keenly sort information into fine energetic distinctions. You are highly intuitive, creative and visionary as well as more conscientious, cautious and wise. You care deeply about justice and it is important to you that all are treated fairly and equally.

And you often feel like the odd person out.

Why is that? With all of these incredible gifts that make you the special being that you are – how could you possibly feel that you don’t belong, don’t fit in and don’t have what it takes to be financially successful?

Well, I’ll tell you!

The shadow side of being an HSE is all about the way you process stimulation. What is moderately stimulating for most people is highly stimulating for an HSE and what is highly stimulating for most people is like a frazzled, overwhelming shut-down for an HSE.

And in case you haven’t noticed, we live in a world that puts A LOT of value on high stimulation. The louder, faster, bigger, bolder you can be, the better!

“Get out there and market!”
“Just do it!”
“Are you committed or not?!?!”
“What’s wrong with you!?!”

According to the rest of the world, it’s the warriors who win, not the royal advisors. (And that may have been true at one point, but not anymore. More on that in a minute…)

The Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

Special Breed
Royal Advisor
Reflect Deeply
Highly Intuitive

Unlock Your Highly Sensitive Abilities...

So what's an HSE to do? Well, most likely (again, up until now) you do one of two things…

You Push: packing your schedule so there's barely time to eat, making yourself available to what anyone needs, whenever they need it (a.k.a. trying to be super mom-wife-friend while also giving away your service for free or a low, low fee).

You Hide: Just the thought of too much energy coming your way freaks you out so much that you keep yourself in a very tight protective comfort cocoon (a.k.a. doing the laundry and running family errands during your business day, creating lots of "programs" but never really having the time to market them effectively, and if you do talk to a prospect it tends to be an awkward, non-producing selling conversation).


You Toss Between The Two: REALLY putting yourself on an exhausting, emotional roller coaster ride (a.k.a. one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake and not really going anywhere).

Any way you slice it, you end up feeling frustrated, like a failure and even like a fraud. Sound familiar?

You know to the core of your heart you were given a gift. You know to the core of your heart you have the ability to help people to heal. You know to the core of your heart that you can see things, feel things, know things that others can't, and you know that you are meant to contribute to the world in a significant way. And you are spiritual by nature.

But you also know that when it comes to prioritizing your business tasks, creating your marketing plan and stepping into a selling conversation, everything goes a little fuzzy - you don’t know where to begin, how to handle the immense amount of energy coming your way or how to be properly paid for the incredible service you provide.

And you know what makes me really sad? I watch a lot of HSEs give their power away to mentors who yell a lot, are really self-absorbed and an overall reflection of the “loud world” out there. It’s like so many HSEs believe that if they just force themselves to be with a mentor who pushes, pushes, pushes that somehow it will rub off and suddenly the HSE will no longer be a royal advisor and transform overnight into a charismatic warrior.

Sigh. Not true. You are coded the way you are coded on purpose. The key is learning how to use this code to unlock what you want to be experiencing in your business; and what you want to be receiving from your life.

So, my friend, this is where I come in.

Rather than continuing this life pattern of denying your HSE abilities, struggling to fit in or trying to be just like everyone else; it’s about using your HSE talents to support your business success.

It’s not that you CAN’T manage your environment, priorities, time or your relationship with money – it’s just that you haven’t been taught HOW to as an HSE.

It’s not that you CAN’T master the marketing of your coaching or service-based business – it’s just that you haven’t been taught HOW to as an HSE.

It’s not that you CAN’T monetize your mission and successfully sell your services – it’s just that you haven’t been taught HOW to as an HSE.

• You are able to start your day with plenty of time to get grounded in this world (meditating, yoga, journaling, long walks …).

• You know exactly how you are going to use your time and what action steps to take each day to attract ideal clients and generate a prosperous income.

• You know exactly what to say during a selling conversation and – hold the phone! – you actually enjoy this part of your business!

• You have an aligned business plan that excites you and is designed to move your business forward.

• You have plenty of down time to rest and play and your business doesn’t suffer as a result (and don’t feel like a loser because you need this space).

This is just the beginning of what I am going to teach you. Really, there is so much more –  which is exactly why I’ve created a very unique, 6-Month Group Mentoring Program specifically designed for the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur!

I’ve been where you are...

When I started my first business as a Nutrition and Wellness Coach, I built my business to full capacity in 9 months. YAY! Life was good; I hired my first virtual assistant and was credit card debt-free.

AND, I realized something important—my practice was filled with clients, I was working my butt off, and I still didn’t have very much money. I was basically making the same salary as I had as a New York City public school teacher (which equals not very much). On top of that, 3 months later, summer hit and my client numbers dropped, and I didn’t know what to do.

My credit card balances started creeping up. I felt desperate. Panicked. What was I doing wrong? I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I wasn’t willing to go back to teaching in the school system, so I made a commitment to learn everything there was to learn about self-marketing and wealth building. I took every course I could, read every book I could get my hands on; I searched the Internet and went to see every speaker on the topic.

And I also upped my spiritual practice.
Because I was terrified.

Trust me; I faced some major things about myself, and my relationship with money and the way I ran my business. More than once, I doubted myself and felt for sure I was falling and that there wasn't going to be anyone there to catch me.

The problem was, everything I had learned told me how to attract clients, craft my marketing message, manage my time, and improve my selling, but nothing told me how to create a solid business-building foundation that had my head and heart in harmony and would be there to support me for years to come. And it for sure didn’t tell me how to do it all as someone who is highly sensitive.

I felt like it was either....

“change who you are or go out of business and, oh yeah, forget about having a life at the same time because that just isn’t possible. You’ve got sweat equity to pay.”

Yuck. I was miserable.

So, out of all of that, I developed a process based on my philosophy of partnering an inner and outer approach to business that was all about honoring my HSE abilities. Through this special coaching technique, the way of business miracles, I filled my business, felt so much better and was on my way - quantum leap after quantum leap!

I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be the way of struggle, and I know this because I’ve made the turnaround.

I’ve been brought up from being down on my knees and I’ve been guided to pave the way for others, for you.

You don’t have to suffer like I did.

It comes down to...

gathering your courage, managing your energy and being willing to see things differently so that you’re taking action in a new way and creating new experiences—it's an energetical and practical approach that’s based on 3 key elements:

  • Core Practice
  • Consistency
  • Community

That's the power of A Course In Business Miracles.

When properly followed and implemented the Business Miracles process will bring you the income you want while allowing you to feel how you want to feel.

I'm not Moses on the Mountain, nor do I want to be. I'm simply here to invite you to take my hand and allow me to guide you, support you and serve you in the highest way to re-design your reality, to go beyond what you’ve experienced up until now and to set yourself up to be purposeful, profitable and, as a result, empowered.

Believe me if I can have this – you can have this, too.

This is my invitation for you to:

Learn how to embrace your HSE abilities and have them working for you.
Come out of hiding and step into your magnificence – the reason why you are here.
Embrace the way of Business Miracles.

I truly believe the more businesses in the world being managed by miracles, the greater chance we have to truly change the world, for the better.

The A Course In Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring Program is something I created to support you in having a solid, proven inner and outer approach to creating success as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur. It's a pathway that incorporates the power of miracles while providing you with effective marketing systems that are designed to match your unique nature.

"I finally hit my first 10k month (and it was actually the month I worked less)!"

Before joining the A Course In Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring Program, I felt like my business was ok. I had clients, but there was something lacking.

After being in the course, I finally hit my first 10k month (and it was actually the month I worked less). I now have clients spontaneously asking to work with me for a whole year, after the first 6 months. It's not just about the money, but the way I am able to be in my business: getting more intimate with who I am, and what kind of professional I am and how to lovingly stand in my power. That's what makes Heather Dominick and A Course In Business Miracles so different than other types of programs; Heather's teachings are this powerful combination of deep, authentic, energetic work coupled with the masculine structures.

The A Course In Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring Program has been such a beautiful learning place for me. I’ve been able to safely practice the V&V Energy that Heather teaches (visibility and vulnerability) while also being able to go at my own pace. I’ve been able to keep growing my business and myself while, supporting other sisters and being supported at the same time

Seriously, since knowing Heather I keep going from success to success! I need to keep growing and spread my message and help more people. Heather is unique in the industry. I haven't so far met this delicious blend of masculine and feminine energies. More importantly, she is the right mentor for me. Thank you! (happy dance)

~ Martine Ngo Nlend Manga - Business Coach - Bordeaux, France - Eminence Mentoring Program (Previous 6-Month Group Mentoring Program Member - January 2016)

Here are the 13 A Course In Business Miracles Foundational Principles that will
be covered in your 6-Month Group Mentoring Program:

Foundational Principle #1:
Transform Fear Into Financial Freedom

There are two major factors that get in the way of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs succeeding: fear and doubt. More often than not, as HSE’s, we get scared about what the "right way" to build a business is, what will happen if we actually do succeed, and then feel doubtful about our ability to make a lot of money doing what we love, in a way that gives us plenty of free time to do the other things in life we really enjoy. This is a big barrier to getting what you want.

We nip this (or any type of similar block) in the bud right from the get-go so your energy is available for your clients and for taking your business to a bigger place of abundance and prosperity. This has you in your purpose each and every day.

Foundational Principle #2:
Become Friends With Time

This is about prioritizing what needs to get done first, second and third not based on what you think you "should" do, but what you feel called to do, and then creating an ongoing business plan that has you actually accomplishing your task (happily!) as well as re-evaluating these priorities every 30 days. You can't do everything at once (although I know you often wish you could) and you will get more done when you can create core practices and systems that support you. This is an invaluable skill to define and strengthen as an HSE that will consistently put you in a place of growth: that's more clients, more money, more time for your HSE needs, more peace – you name it.

Foundational Principle #3:
Understand The Miracle of Marketing And Selling

Business is about relationships and, according to A Course In Miracles, relationships are about love; therefore business is about love. Of course there are many who would argue with this, but for us HSE's this shift in perception changes everything about how we create business success. When you understand how to use your natural "royal advisor" skills in your marketing and selling - not just your coaching, healing or creative service – the world of business and prosperity suddenly becomes your oyster.

Foundational Principle #4:
Use Your Uniqueness To Attract Clients Instantly

This is all about creating your business based on what's unique about you and your HSE abilities. Together we will create processes so that marketing and selling feels so very genuine and also effortless because it will be like having a conversation with a good friend about something special you're excited to share (it's true!)

Foundational Principle #5:
Activate Your Ideal Client Attraction Plan

From here, we establish who would benefit most from working with you (your ideal client), the qualities of this client, and what it is exactly about the way you do what you do as an HSE that has your work standing out.

We use these discoveries to craft a message that has you extremely at ease with speaking about what you do, from having a conversation one-on-one to creating compelling copy for every piece of marketing material you use. It's important to be able to communicate your value to the people who need your services in a way that is honest, genuine, and rooted in integrity and that also attracts more clients. This is all about conveying what you have to offer to as many people as possible with an energy that naturally draws business to you.

Foundational Principle #6:
Shift From Selling To Serving

Selling is really just about connecting with your energetic matches – those people that you have a sacred contract to serve.

This is a specifically designed energetic process that utilizes your natural HSE abilities and allows your potential clients to come to a place of understanding and self-discovery that they want what you have. It's both an art and a science at the same time that strongly calls on the energetic power of partnering with miracles to create more business for you and more results for those that you serve.

Foundational Principle #7:
Set Up Your HSE Selling Success System

This is about using a practical, purposeful and also very spiritual process that has you moving prospects into high-paying clients, consistently. This is all about business and money – backed by the energy of miracles. You MUST be able to take a stand for the value of what your service can do for them, your ideal clients, while simultaneously being detached from the outcome.

This is the power in the HSE Selling Success System and it's more powerful than any sales negotiation training you could ever receive. It's truly a purposeful, profit-generating, spirit-filled selling system. It changes everything about being in business. It makes it a whole lot easier, rewarding and much more fun.

Foundational Principle #8:
Choose Magnitude Over Littleness

As you go to each next level of building your business as an HSE you will, most likely, consistently bump up against the questions, "Who do I think I am – to have this success, make this much money, be able to do what I love every day?" Most of us received the message somewhere along the way that we aren't like everyone else so, therefore, we can't have the ease and joy that others have.

According to A Course In Miracles, Littleness and Magnitude are the choices you have and you will always choose one at the expense of the other. Every decision you make stems from what you think you are, and represents the value you put on yourself. It's time to learn to choose magnitude and to experience the acceleration of business success as a result.

Foundational Principle #9:
Design A Magnetic Marketing Map

This is probably the most important system in your business, and also likely to be the most overlooked by the majority of HSE's. It's what keeps your marketing happening consistently. Without this it's impossible to have the financially successful, sustainable business every HSE longs for. This is why you'll want to start by choosing two Primary Energy Management Techniques that you actively engage in whenever you also engage in marketing your business. You want to partner with a higher Energy Source, the way of miracles, to fully support you as you put yourself, your message, your offering, and your business out to the world.

Foundational Principle #10:
Increase Your Income Part 1: Offline Marketing

In this age of technology it can be so easy to overlook that being in business is first and foremost about being in relationship. According to the A Course In Business Miracles Energetic Spheres of Marketing Influence, the most powerful form of relationship connection is being with someone in-person. Here we look at the ancient art of offline marketing avenues such as networking, speaking and other forms of connecting with potential clients in person. Most important: we get clear about how to activate intention and how to release attachment so you're in your HSE Strengths and as magnetic as possible, rather than paralyzed by fear and overwhelm.

Foundational Principle #11:
Increase Your Income Part 2: Online Marketing

E-mail and social media marketing are two of the most effective ways to reach people in an intimate setting on the internet. These forms of marketing are also based on building relationships, and offering an on-going, high-value service as part of the communication. Here we look at how to translate the ancient art of offline marketing into the modern technological world of online marketing. There is a secret – and as an HSE you have direct access to the key!

Foundational Principle #12:
Write Miraculous Marketing Copy

It's helpful to remember that "writing copy" is equal to the more traditional phrase of "advertising materials." Copy is how you communicate about your business in print. In this significant foundational principle you will learn how to communicate in written form so that your ideal client feels how their life will be better by partnering with you and enrolling in your service.

Foundational Principle #13:
Magnify Your Marketing Mindset

As an HSE you have an incredible gift. It is literally a disservice to others for you to keep your royal advisor talent and ability hidden, tucked away or reserved for only a few. Here we will activate the energy that will have you remembering why you felt called to be in the business of your dreams in the first place. You are meant to be making a positive impact in the world, in your unique way.

Foundational Principle Anchor:
In-Person Training Retreat

"Shifting Your HSE Shame Shields Into Open Financial Flow "

May 1-3, 2019, Clearwater Beach, FL

I have definitely learned in my almost decade and a half of being self-employed that it can be easy to participate in an over-the-phone coaching program and then when all is said and done slide right back into doing things the same old way, but it isn't as easy when you attend a tailored for you, supportive, immersive in-person Training Retreat. This is exactly why attending the Foundational Principle Anchor of a Business Miracles Training Retreat is extremely important. It's what solidifies the integration of the foundational principles.

This is an intimately designed training retreat especially for the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur: attendance is only for members of the Business Miracles Community. Members travel from all around the world to attend: Iceland, Africa, Asia, France, United Kingdom. It's that important.

What I hear from Business Miracles Community Members all of the time is how powerful it is to be in a room of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs doing deep transformational work together. This is the magic ingredient for inspired implementation and creating a true shift in how you do everything in your business and life going forward. It is most certainly miraculous.

We come together in a natural environment and our Training Retreats are always in a sunlit room. There will be plenty of time and space for breaks and processing as well as a full coaching team on hand to have you fully supported.

Hotel and accommodations not included in tuition price.

Caren's Story


"I feel more confident and as a result have seen a massive growth in the number of clients and my income over the past 12 months!"

Prior to joining the A Course in Business Miracles Mentoring Program I was floundering with my marketing and getting clients, I didn't have any good systems in place, I hadn't really defined who my ideal client was, I didn't have a good handle on my service offerings, I was in a state of overwhelm about transitioning out of my corporate job and into being and entrepreneur, and as a result of all this I didn't have many clients and I wasn't meeting my income goals.

The Foundational Principle Trainings have helped me to build a structure within my business. I increased my prices and have a program guide to give to my prospective clients, packages of my services that give my clients options, and marketing tools and processes. I feel more confident and as a result have seen a massive growth in the number of clients and my income over the past 12 months. I can't quantify the growth because I didn't previously keep good records but I am consistently keeping my schedule full with new and continuing clients. One of the big changes has been my planning and scheduling of my time so that I am focused and able to complete client projects on time without any added stress while still being able to market and build my business and have time for myself and my hobbies.

I love Heather's approach - it isn't about being salesy, it isn't being pushy, it is about being your authentic self and taping into why I love doing what I do and why I want to help my clients. Her Foundational Principle Trainings provide guidance and insight to allow me to develop my business the way that best fits with who I am and how I can work best with my clients. They lay a foundation for me to build on. Heather's program provides a supportive Community that has helped me smoothly transition from my corporate position to being in business full time for myself.

~ Caren Osborne, Chief Memory Keeper, Memory Lane Photo Solutions – Andover, CT – Elite Mentoring Program (Previous 6-Month Group Mentoring Program Member - January 2017)

Mindy's Story


"I have created new program offering, raised my prices with greater ease and confidence … gaining thus far 6 new clients!"

I entered the A Course in Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring program knowing that I wanted help and a system to manage my Interior Design and Feng Shui practice. As a highly sensitive person I was confused by how I wanted to operate versus the way the other 80% of the world assumes it should be.

My anxiety has been so greatly reduced following Heather's program and making it my own. The immense support of the Community and the Coaching Team have given me a reliable place to go as often as I need help. I am no longer alone.

I joined the yearlong Core Mentoring Program while on the Fall 2017 training retreat. Here is where I stepped into a whole new level of business and personal success. I have created new program offerings and raised my prices with greater ease and confidence. I have entered new areas in my development, including giving workshops on Feng Shui and gaining thus far 6 new clients.

I continue to manage my time, my energy, and have just signed on a large commercial client, without going into overwhelm.

The future looks so much brighter as I continue with ACIBM.

~ Mindy Wagner, Interior Design Feng - Shui – Ashton, MD – Core Mentoring Program (Previous 6-Month Group Mentoring Program Member - June 2017)

Here's how you will experience the A Course In
Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring Program:



Direct access from your full A Course In Business Miracles Mentoring Team including Business Mentor Heather Dominick.

Krista's Story


"In less than 6 months this year I've made more than double what I made that whole year!"

Before I enrolled in Heathers A Course in Business Miracles Mentoring Program my bookkeeping business was going down the drain because I really didn't love what I was doing. I was worn out, stressed out, and dreaded work every day. I felt trapped. I was in a different coaching program to create my business coaching program, but my coach was an 80%er warrior-king and he would push me to take the actions I needed to take. I felt like I was close to having a breakdown (which has happened before) and I really didn't want to go there again. So I dropped out of the program and went into hiding.

At my lowest, I had lost 75% of my business earnings, didn't have any business coaching clients, and was more confused about myself and what I wanted to do in business than ever.

Heather's ACIBM Foundational Principle Trainings helped me see a better way of being in business. A way that felt more aligned. It focused on the inner work and outer work that I needed as a Highly Sensitive. It is still a process, but in less than 6 months this year I've made more than double what I made that whole year, I've started to create a business that uses both my design passion and coaching passion, and I've signed my very first ideal client who I am genuinely excited to work with.

The two most valuable things I've learned in Heather's ACIBM program is that the process is the goal and that it is all about how you show up. Once I started to let go of perfectionism and see that it's all about the journey and that 'better' is always better than 'best', I started to let go of my rigid attachment to the end goal. When I did this and became more focused on the journey, I learned to enjoy myself in the moment more and enjoy the journey more, and like magic, my results improved anyway. It really helps me let go of my expectations and instead engage in learning and growing through curiosity.

I've come to believe that the real power behind everything I DO is who I am BEING. It's all about how I am showing up. The more I focus on how I show up in my day, how I show up with clients, and how I show up in my work and life, the better things get and the better I feel. Together, my focus on the journey and being willing to be in process as well as my focus on who I am showing up as has helped me see more and more just how powerful I am in creating the experience I have in my business and life.

~ Krista Bos, Owner SimpleThing – Ontario, Canada – Elite Mentoring Program (Previous 6-Month Group Mentoring Program Member – February 2016)



Every other week, for 6 months, you will receive a 60-minute Training Call Recording delivered by Business Mentor, Heather Dominick, covering the first 13 Foundational Principles of A Course In Business Miracles. You will also receive a transcript of each training.

All Training Recordings will be released and posted in your Online Learning Center every other Tuesday at 6am, EASTERN.



Every week, for 6 months, you will receive a 60-minute live Core Practice Consistency Call with one of the members of the A Course In Business Miracles Mentoring Team. This is a place where you can step forward with a clarifying question or to receive coaching and mentoring support. This is a safe, sacred space where you will be amazed by what you receive from your coaches as well as other members of the Community. You will also receive a recording of each Core Practice Consistency Call. Transcripts are not provided to support maintaining the sacred space of these calls.

All Core Practice Consistency Calls take place on Thursdays at 1pm, EASTERN.

Katlego's Story


"Today, this very morning, I signed on my biggest paying client EVER!"

I found Heather’s work and I almost couldn’t believe it. I found exactly what I was looking for even though I would never have been able to articulate it. That was a powerful moment because I knew it was synchronicity pointing me in a direction for my business to grow. I made the commitment because the alignment was strong and every time I spoke to Heather’s team it got stronger. Every question and concern was as though by magic already catered for. My sense of overwhelm was not a turn off to Heather and the Business Miracles Team and they made me feel like they too had walked the path I had walked and would be there to help me turn my business around.

I was overwhelmed because what I thought was easy was so much more daunting and I felt paralyzed by the millions of marketing and entrepreneurship materials out there. Clients would come once in a blue moon and no matter what I did I could not get them to be repeat customers or they would say they didn’t have the money and some would quit at the half way mark.

I spent a lot of time researching, a lot. But I didn’t know how to put it all together coherently. I was exhausted but doing looked very little other than reading and researching and trying to mimic successful coaches. I sensed my desperation was picked up by my prospects. It was not good. Today, this very morning, I signed on my biggest paying client EVER.

I have learned most of all how to market and sell authentically through the tools Heather shares. I have a sense of service at the center of everything I do and that gives me so much courage. So I say what needs to be said and I do what needs to be done while making sure I have time “off”. The program has given me structure where I had only ideas. I have managed to create a sales process I am comfortable with and that I believe in so it works.

I have a Community I can get feedback from and support and I think that has made all the difference. There are a lot of communities out there. But this HSE community gets me, it’s just better so I am better too. There is lot’s to do and learn in the HSE program and it’s all containing and empowering. I love it and I can’t wait to be at the retreat. I also love that I can be in the community as a learner and not be “on” as a coach, it’s so good for me. Most of all and when all else fails I have learned “I can handle this!”

I have learned how to handle myself and how to be myself. Now this is saying a lot because remember I am an experienced coach and I have worked in corporate and with people from around the world. But never have I worked with another HSE. A team of HSEs guiding me, not an 80%er, is like finally finding my place in the sun – amazing. I don’t have to put on a mask any more. I love Heather’s program because I can actually do all that I have planned and dreamed for years and still play with my son in the afternoon. The HSE program has not just given me my highest paying client, she has given me my child’s childhood back. It’s huge. Also the Elite Accountability Coach that I’ve been assigned to on the forums and calls is great, I feel accountable where normally I am a rebel. I feel held and seen and understood and I am happy.

~ Katlego Kolobe BSSc (UKZN), Ms (U of London), Chief Coaching Officer and Founder of the Positive Success Movement – Johannesburg, South Africa - 6-Month Group Mentoring Program Member – April 2018



Every month, for 6 months, you will receive a 90 minute group call directly with Business Mentor Heather Dominick. This is a place where you can step forward with a clarifying question or to receive coaching and mentoring support. This is a safe, sacred space where you will be amazed by what you receive from Heather as well as other members of the Community. You will also receive a recording of each Community-Wide Core Practice Consistency Call. Transcripts are not provided to support maintaining the sacred space of these calls.



The Business Miracles “Get-It-Done-Days” (GIDDs) are set days where you and the entire Community come together for a “Virtual Training Retreat”. Heather intentionally designs these days based on what she knows an HSE needs to succeed and what she is specifically seeing that the Community as a whole needs to be focusing on for increased results and overall success.



Karen's Story


"I have increased my dental practice by 50%!"

Before mentoring with Heather I had a shrinking dental practice and while I also wanted to be a Health Coach I had 0 clients. Now, I have increased dental office production by 50% and have led 6 workshops and 3 speaking engagements for my coaching practice.

As a direct result of Heather's private mentoring, I have received 3 new referral patients in one month.

Running a business as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur requires different skills that were not taught by other business courses that I have taken. As an HSE herself, Heather understood exactly what steps I needed to take to start me on the path to success.

Heather's teachings have transformed the way I approach my business. I am more confident in asking for referrals, I LOVE speaking to groups and I can even write and follow a 30-Day business plan to progress forward each month.

The Community support and private coaching calls keep me accountable while feeling safe and visible.

~ Karen Wallet, Quest For Health – Marlton, NJ – Elite Mentoring Program (Previous 6-Month Group Mentoring Program Member – February 2016)

Special Bonuses For You!


I will give you my 25-Step HSE Selling Success Blueprint and will be modeling for you how to:


• Set the energy for a successful selling conversation so potential clients not only understand why they need your service but they FEEL it.


• Share with your potential clients a powerful process that guides them through the decision-making experience using a two-part process and why this is more powerful than trying to rush the close in one part.


• And most importantly how to intuitively support your potential client through their natural human resistance.

Total Value: $1,800


I’ll guide you step-by-step through the 5 Primary A Course In Business Miracles Prosperity Principles that will explode the money myths out there and help you to avoid the money mindset mistakes (I’ve seen this over and over even among those who claim to be well-versed in the “Law of Attraction”). I am going to give you the KEYS to no more struggle with "feast or famine" income generation.




• Four Group Training Calls Directly with Business
  Mentor, Heather Dominick


• Four Training Call Transcripts


Keep your eye on your inbox! We’ll be automatically sending you all the complete A Course In Business Miracles Money Mindset Training Intensive details soon! Everything will be coming straight to you without you needing to lift a finger or do a thing – nice, right?

Total Value: $998



If you want more clients, one of the most effective ways to increase your abundance of clients is with the power of follow up. (and this is exactly what so many HSEs resist!)


For those of us who are intuitive and creative, that “Old School” technique of pressure and manipulating doesn’t work so well. This has been the main point of reference for sales, but when you are a coach, healing practitioner or creative entrepreneur, you are conflicted about how to “sell.” So you find yourself doing anything but connecting with those you are meant to serve.


The key is to create a process that gives you another path to walk – one that feels good – one without so much pressure. That’s where the power of having a second call or follow up call as part of your sales process comes in.


The old paradigm of sales was to pressure someone to “close” the sale. Instead you want to connect powerfully with those you want to serve and be willing to really spend some time with them – and know that this will create a client-service provider relationship that will last for a very long time.


Keep your eye on your inbox! We’ll be automatically sending you this gift soon! Everything will be coming straight to you.

Total Value: $998


The work we do at A Course In Business Miracles serves the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur and is deep transformational work –


Here at A Course In Business Miracles® we teach, mentor and empower Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSE®s) to create practical business success through Community, Core Practice and Consistency.

As a result, Community Members enter into a safe process of being able to know their true self through healing their past training and wounds about what it means to be Highly Sensitive.

By using a uniquely designed methodology of transformation, HSEs mature into using their differences as Strengths and are able to create a profitable, productive and purpose driven business and life.

You are simply sharing your gifts and being generously rewarded in return.

This is not "cookie-cutter coaching."

REAL IMPORTANT: As your mentor I have to let you know that the A Course In Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring Program is not for those who aren’t ready or willing to do “the real work.”

If you get a charge out of being defensive, resistant, challenging or entitled, or you’re more interested in drama than dramatic results or you don't truly want things in your business and life to change – then it is just as easy for you to leave this page and go about your day. No need to join us if these are ways of being that you insist on clinging to. If it is important for you to be negative, be right, or be justified then, again, please just skip this invitation and go about your day.

This IS for those who are willing to do whatever it takes to genuinely embrace your highly sensitive abilities and the way of business miracles so you can easily go above and beyond what you’ve created up until now.

“Awesome, Heather, I’m ready to build my business!”

So what’s my minimal investment for A Course In Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring Program where I’ll learn to build my business from a place of faith and miracles rather than fear and scarcity?

Because of the nature of this 6-Month Group Mentoring experience and because you will have an intimate experience where myself and my team will be teaching you, coaching you and mentoring you for 6 full months so you create IMMEDIATE shifts, receive exercises, templates and resources you can use over and over again… (there is no way you can fully engage in this process and still walk away from this experience overwhelmed, stuck or confused) it’s important that the rate reflect the value that will be received, yes?

These are all processes that you will repeatedly use in your business to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars – for your entire life-time – and I am just giving it all to you. (This is huge.)

However, here’s the thing: I want to open the door real wide for those who are meant to be a part of the healing our world is craving. Again, I truly believe the more businesses in the world being managed by miracles, the greater chance we have to truly change the world, for the better so I want to make this as easy-breezy as possible.

Soooo… since my intention is to make this as easy as possible for you. We’ve financed this for you and created a super easy-breezy payment plan.

AMAZING, right?

YES! It’s really simple to take advantage of this awesome opportunity!

Just click on the button below and then fill out the registration form and submit it right away.
(NOTE: Do this right away – tuition savings is limited.)

A Course In Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring Program
(Includes Foundational Principal Anchor: Business Miracles In-Person Training Retreat!)




A Course In Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring Program
(Includes Foundational Principle Anchor: Business Miracles In-Person Training Retreat!)


6 X $528


My Divine Promise

If you are still on the fence you have my Divine Promise...

I’m confident that the teaching you’ll receive in the A Course In Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring Program will give you the tools you need to consistently and powerfully partner an inner and outer approach to business as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur, access business miracles, make more money, and serve more ideal clients - just like I do.

So, if at the end of the second Foundational Principle Training Call you feel I’m not delivering on what is promised on this website, you have up until 5pm, EASTERN on the day of the second Foundational Principle Training Call to withdraw in writing to, and then you can apply the funds to any future Business Miracles event or products and services within one year from the date you made your purchase.

So again, this is RISK-FREE - no reasons needed.

That's my Divine Promise, guaranteed!

According to A Course In Miracles, “In the world of scarcity, love has no meaning and peace is impossible.”

Now it’s your turn to take this first important step.

Is the A Course In Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring Program for you?

Only you can choose.

I have three important questions to support you in connecting to your Inner Guidance that I want you to ask yourself...

Are you committed to your transformation and experiencing financial success as a person who is highly sensitive?

Are you ready to be supported by a Community (a business family) of like-intended, Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs?

Am I the mentor for you? And are we the mentoring team for you?

Check in with yourself and then join us!

Welcome to the world of creating your business from a place of miracles!

Can't wait to get mentoring with you!

Love and Blessings!

Heather Dominick
Business Miracles Mentor

P.S. Of course, it takes a very special person to persevere when it comes to having their true heart’s desire. Even though thousands say they want it, only about 5 in every 100 do something about it. Everyone wants to transform, but very few really want to do what's needed to create change.

P.P.S. Feeling like you resonate with this program, but just have a few more questions? Simply register for the A Course In Business Miracles 6-Month Group Mentoring Program to be sure to secure your significant savings, listen to the Orientation Call Recording you'll immediately receive upon registering and then schedule an A Course In Business Miracles Activation Call (value $355) and we'll get real clear, real quickly if this is the program for you. If at the end of that call it’s clear this is not the program for you we will happily credit your investment.

P.P.P.S. Just email or give a call to: 888-417-0283 (TOLL-FREE) and our Business Miracles Client Care Team will find a time that's great for you (they are scheduling geniuses!).