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50 Advanced Energy Management for HSEs

February 13, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Energy Management on Business Miracles

It’s easy to forget about Energy Management when things are sailing along smoothly. As Marianne Williamson says, instead of dropping to your knees to ask for a miracle only when you are in crisis, what if you just stayed there all the time?

This is A Course in Business Miracles episode number 50, Advanced Energy Management for HSEs. In this episode, you’ll hear that when you learn how to take Energy Management one step further as an “act of devotion” to your business, then the experience of business miracles becomes a natural part of your daily life.

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Why, even with these various aspects of communicating the importance of energy management as an HSE, do we still not do it consistently?” – Heather Dominick

Show Notes:

  • The importance of energy management as an HSE
  • What advanced energy management means for your everyday life
  • Why miracles in your business should be habitual, involuntary, and natural
  • What the experience of fear means, according to A Course In Miracles
  • How to know what you are really investing in in your life and your business
  • How fear keeps HSE’s from being successful in their business
  • Why you should be devoting your days to miracles as an HSE
  • How you can help yourself stay on track to devoting your day to miracles

Advanced energy management is about being on our knees all of the time.” – Heather Dominick

Links Mentioned:

If we want to know what we’re investing in, take a look around.” – Heather Dominick

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