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On today’s episode of A Course In Business Miracles, we’re talking about flipping the switch from your HSE shadows into your HSE strengths. You’re probably wondering what it is you’ll need to buy or what books to read or exercises to do to get this massive change in your life. But what we’re talking about today is something totally within your control: the privilege of agency.

Growing up and living in our world as HSEs, it can often happen that we are treated as the “others”, as “different”, and this can leave us wanting for support and for care. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Listen in to learn about the privilege of agency, how you can use this to protect yourself from your stories of the past, and how to start.

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The best thing the HSE essential self can be doing is creating in your business from the privilege of agency.” – Heather Dominick

Show Notes:

  • The natural state of the HSE essential self
  • What the privilege of agency is
  • Why this privilege is the ultimate flip of the switch from shadow to strength
  • How to keep your stories about your past from infecting your future
  • How the ego-mind is tricking you into thinking that what you need will magically change you
  • Why finding your privilege of agency is a massive personal undertaking

The privilege of agency is the ultimate flip of the switch from shadow to strength.” – Heather Dominick

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Different does not mean less than.” – Heather Dominick

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