Transform Anxiety on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

We as HSEs have learned to live with our ups and downs, through every coping cycle and maladaptation. And this leaves us with perpetual anxiety. HSEs in these positions can feel the need to take responsibility for every little thing or to run away completely and hide from them.

Today on A Course In Business Miracles, we’re going to learn how to transform this into action. We’re going to take our seemingly inevitable fall into problematic coping behaviors and turn it around into success in our life and in our business.

Listen in to learn where our anxiety stems from, how we can relieve this ongoing stress, and what we can do to relieve this anxiety.

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It’s our commitment to the coping cycle that will keep us in resistance.” – Heather Dominick

Show Notes:

  • Why it’s so hard to shake our coping cycles
  • The excuses we tend to make for our inaction
  • Why anxiety is not an individual act
  • What the “absorber” is in a group dynamic and why HSEs tends to fill that role
  • Where our coping systems develop out of this role
  • What we can do about this

Anxiety is often directly connected to comparison.” – Heather Dominick

Anxiety is not an individual act.” – Heather Dominick

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