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April 19, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Are you willing to “die to who you were” (let go of the old) in order to be re-born to who you want to be (step into the new)?

I posed this question to my Business Miracles Eminence Members during a Roundtable Meeting and there was a lot of conversation about the BELIEF needed in order to do this:

• Belief in yourself
• Belief in possibility
• Belief in having what you want
• Belief that when you desire something this means it will come when you are willing to play your part
• Belief in potential
• and more … all levels of Belief!

Then after about 5-10 minutes of discussion I interrupted and pointed out that the only Belief truly needed hadn’t yet been mentioned …

Belief in the Divine; Belief in the Divine’s Guidance and ability to lead you exactly where you need to go next in your business and your life even when it doesn’t look like you expect it to, especially when it doesn’t look like you expect it to look.

That is the ultimate way, to die to who you were so you can be re-born to who you want to be.


XO. Heather


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