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30 The Business Miracle of Being Considerably Huge In Your Business

May 09, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Considerably Huge on Business Miracles

This is A Course In Business Miracles episode 30, The Business Miracle of Being Considerably Huge In Your Business. Many of us are reluctant to allow ourselves to harness our most powerful energy and deny the root cause of many of our problems and frustrations. In this episode, you will learn how by allowing yourself to be pulled forward into your life’s mission and purpose, you will open up to experience your grandest self being actualized through your business.

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What we’re really looking at [in being considerably huge] is tapping into the universal law of cause and effect.” – Heather Dominick

Show Notes:

  • What it means to be considerably huge
  • Why it’s easy to conflate the effects with the cause
  • Why the cause/effect relationship is so useful in your business
  • The keys to harnessing your own energy in your business
  • How to turn harmful internal language into positive action

To take personal responsibility is not about getting down on yourself.” – Heather Dominick



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