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DON’T FALL FOR IT – Can things go back to how they were?

May 21, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

In the next few weeks and months you’re going to see a hard push for things to “go back to how they were” (as if this were possible without a threat to well-being). You’ll see it online, and possibly with neighbors, parents, sisters and brothers. Maybe even your closest colleagues and friends, too.

And you’re going to be challenged.

Everything you’ve felt as true over these last weeks (we DO need more time to be quiet; our health IS a top value; people ARE meant to relate more deeply – all the things that are natural to you as a highly sensitive) is going to, once again, quickly be called into question.

And you’re going to feel the shadow side of your empathic nature rear its ugly head tempting you to, once again, hold back, go silent and deny your truth to the louder, brassier influencer.

“I guess what I have to offer isn’t important or needed or wanted”, you’ll be tempted to think.


The “back to what it was” is not the answer.

These past weeks weren’t a waste.

This pandemic wasn’t for nothing.

The time to rise, to lead with your highly sensitive values, to speak your truth is what’s needed now more than ever – for healing, for growth, for transcendence.

Dare to cut through the noise with your stillness.

Dare to share your deep knowing.

Dare to LEAD.

Because the “back to what it was” will be short-lived and there will be a re-clamor for guidance, for direction, for a different way forward.

Speak now and your voice will be what’s heard right when it’s needed. Wait and it could be too late.

Very soon I’ll be sharing the “how’s” of leading through these times as a highly sensitive. It will only be for a select few.

Keep your eyes out. You’ll know if it’s meant for you …

XO. Heather

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