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June 07, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

I wanted to make sure you knew that the $1,000 savings on my 6-Month Group Mentoring Program ends at midnight tonight

$1,000 tuition savings is my way of acknowledging you as a person who is no longer willing to:

* live with this ache of believing you can’t have the freedom you want in your business

* spend most of your days tied up in a tangle of overwhelm and overwork

* feel like there’s no way out

Just click here to receive your savings and start learning how to have your sensitivities work for you rather than against you.

I’m truly honored to begin mentoring with you. (<3!)

XO. Heather 

“When I finally joined Business Miracles I was earning $30,000 a year and despairing that I couldn’t seem to make more money in my business even though I was doing what everyone said to do. With the aligned mentoring I received from Heather I started offering very unique retreats based on my HSE Essential Self™. I am now holding 3 retreats a year, I have increased my sales conversion rate and increased my income into the mid 6-figures all while honoring who I am and what I need as an HSE!” 
~Jessica Procini, HSE Emotional Eating Healer 

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