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What emerged was amazing

March 03, 2015  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

I want to share something with you that’s pretty vulnerable for me…

Yes, it’s true I’ve been successfully self-employed for over 10 years; have brought my coaching company across the million dollar mark and work with clients and team members that I deeply love, but just over 4 years ago was one of the darkest, most depressing times in my business and life. I was pushing to make more, more, more; I constantly felt inadequate like I was being overwhelmingly suffocated from my belief that “I am not enough” and, to top it off, when I looked to the general coaching industry for help I was disheartened by the massive disconnect that I saw. I questioned everything about what I was doing in my business and who I had become.

However, this was not the first time I had wrestled with darkness in my soul and if the past had taught me anything it was the importance of looking “in here” when I didn’t like what I saw “out there”. So I dove even deeper into my own spiritual practice, connected with trusted mentors, and, most importantly, poured even more love into my work with my current clients and community members. What emerged has been amazing.

flowerI discovered what I now refer to as doing the “real work” as a coach, practitioner or creative entrepreneur. Yes, it’s about making money and being able to provide for you, but the greater truth is about a journey of bravery for folks like you and me. It’s about the willingness to look in the mirror and when you don’t like what you see creating a shift in perception (a miracle!); to be willing to see things differently; to go from “I Can’t” to “How Can I?” and, ultimately, to shift from fear to love – in every part of being in your business as well as every part of living your life.

This is the 21-Day journey I invite you to join me on. This isn’t your typical tele-summit. I’ve called together 9 of the most powerful, genuine, global Master Teachers I know who are committed to creating a shift in economic consciousness by sharing the “darker” moments in their business journey and the miracles that brought them to the other side and how this is available for you, too.

It takes 21 days to change a habit so each day you will receive a “21-Minute Daily Dose” of a business miracle either in the form of a self-study exercise, audio training or inspiring master teacher interview. This is my 100% gift to you. This is me paying it forward. The more businesses in the world being managed by miracles, the greater chance we have to truly change the world, for the better.

You can click here to join us! (we have just a few virtual seats remaining).

See you on the Discovery Series!

Love and Blessings!

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