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Run the marathon of these times for highly sensitive business owners

May 14, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

On March 18 I began leading a live, guided daily activation for highly sensitive business owners to support us all in staying in the highest activation of our Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Strengths during these Exceptional Times. 

I heard from so many people how supportive and valuable the daily activations have been and of many Business Miracles occurring even in the midst of this crisis (which makes my heart so happy to serve in this way). 

So, I wanted to extend the opportunity for you to access these 40+ recordings, to use repeatedly, and to create miracles for yourself, on a daily basis, at any time. 

If you are looking for support to: 

  • Have the endurance to run the marathon of these Exceptional Times rather than be flattened by Overwhelm and other HSE Shadows.
  • Be equipped to deal with the escalation of conflicts and tensions in relationships.
  • Support yourself so you can better support others.
  • Be the leader of your business and your life.
  • Experience Business Miracles that breakthrough limitations.
  • Keep from being triggered into old patterns and limiting beliefs.
  • Not being overcome by what is happening in the world.
  • Able to be the highest version of yourself during times of intensity.

Then I invite you to click here to join our global Community of HSEs as we RISE UP each day as the Royal Advisors we are each being called to be, now more than ever (for less than $1.77 per activation that you’ll be able to listen to over and over again). 

In times of confusion and uncertainty, the mind loves to react to problems. The mind loves to ruminate, to toss, to turn, to churn on any and every possible thought and then spitting it out as – A PROBLEM. This can wreak havoc within the nervous system, particularly the highly sensitive nervous system. 

Listen to the activations to call on a Source that is greater and bigger than each of us for help, for direction, for creative solutions – your way THROUGH these Exceptional Times. 

These activations will support you – in only 10 minutes a day – to stay grounded and focused so you can be your most productive self without burning out


P.S. For a limited-time I am offering all 40+ recordings for $98 $78. If you’re ready to be the leader of your business and your life through these Exceptional Times get instant access here.

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