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January 09, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

I’m amazed by the feedback we’ve been receiving about my FREE TRAINING I led yesterday: Peaceful Prosperity.

In all my years of mentoring Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs, we’ve never had this kind of response… 

HSEs from around the globe are saying this training reveals the single most important shift you can make to gain the power to step into the entrepreneurial calling you are here to answer and the purpose you are here to fulfill.

And we are hearing this from ALL levels of HSEs whether you are:

A) just starting out in business;

B) already in business, but can’t seem to get it to work for you or

C) already a highly successful business owner (6-7 figures) who’s recently discovered you’re highly sensitive

If you missed it or would like to listen again, or share with your fellow HSEs, you can until end of day tomorrow.

→ Access the REPLAY page here ←
45 Minute Training + 30 Minute Q&A

HSEs who’ve mentored with me for years have told me this training is at a whole new level from anything I’ve ever offered before (which was my intention :)).

I revealed the exact process that I use to mentor my most advanced students to make the shift into their HSE Strengths and ultimately make more money than they ever have before.

Here are some highlights of what I covered in the training: 

@ 06:03 — Why the time of the HSE is now

@ 17:00 — What it really means to be an entrepreneur who is Highly Sensitive

@ 33:18 — The Harvard for HSEs

@ 46:35 — 3 Key Elements to guarantee financial success

@ 54:14 — Letting your talents support you

 → Access the REPLAY page here ←
45 Minute Training + 30 Minute Q&A

Here’s just some of the feedback we’ve been getting:

Because of you, I know that I am highly sensitive and empathic, and just knowing this makes life much easier to negotiate. – Michelle

Thank you for your work and dedication. Just meeting the concept of HSE brought me peace and hope. – Catalina

I see now that I can be successful but it takes a different mindset. Thank you so much. – Carol

Thank you so much. This info just saved my life! – Karin

Thank you SO much Heather! I cannot express how much all of this both resonates and reassures me. – Amy

Literally, every point you touched on resonates with me! – Neila

Thank you as well for letting people like me know that we can work with our HSE Strengths to become successful in business too! – Seema

If you are feeling frustrated and like you have to sacrifice who you are in order to create any sense of financial success …

And you’re ready to experience prosperity that reflects your true value…

I want you to know that these possibilities are REAL – in fact, they are right at your fingertips while also buried deep inside you.

Now, it is time to unlock who you truly are as an HSE and experience the power of what this is able to create for you in your business and your life.

I’ve seen it transpire for so many Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and now I want to see this for you, too.

→ Access the REPLAY page here ←
45 Minute Training + 30 Minute Q&A

Thank you for being part of our global Business Miracles Community of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs. Our connection matters deeply to me.

XO. Heather

P.S. DOORS are Now OPEN for my brand-new mentoring program:

You are receiving VIP early access to allow you to reserve your seat with a $1,000 tuition savings until TOMORROW 1/10/20, 12 midnight, EASTERN for this first-ever opportunity to receive the most comprehensive and supportive training available to Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

This program is the Harvard for HSEs.

During the 7-month program, you will experience 3 primary program components for both optimal learning AND implementing. 

2020 is about to be your year.

You can find all the details here.

A Community of talented, compassionate, Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs from around the globe is joining together to learn how to create Business Miracles:

“The content in this class brought tears to my eyes. I don’t have to wish I wasn’t Highly Sensitive anymore.”

“I’m so relieved I will be supported to make my current business more profitable so it supports me while I birth my new business inspiration.”

“Now I know how to move from feeling like a victim in my business and life into full utilization of my creativity. It gives me hope that I CAN fulfill my life purpose!”

“It helps so much to feel okay about my own definition of business success even if it doesn’t match what most of the world tells me a successful business is.”

“I love how much real time support is available in this program to help me adapt all of the trainings and tools to my unique marketing and selling needs.”

“Just hearing how accepting and insightful Heather was when she took questions from the callers gives me a sense of peace that I am in the right place.”

Exciting, right? 🙂

Join us here and begin to unleash your own peaceful prosperity!

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