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giving birth

November 12, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Birthing a Business Miracles Training Retreat is exactly that – the process of something magnificent being born.

It starts with a conception based on what I see, hear and feel my Community of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs) needing – from what they share on our forums, bring to our group Core Practice Consistency Calls and their private call support as well.

And then there is gestation: the idea feels its way through my consciousness, my research and my own HSE Strengths.

From there the concept begins to take form, molding into teachings, exercises and experiential exchanges that can only take place in person.

Then the hardest part: bringing HSEs from all around the world out of their home office comfort cocoons to pack, travel, go through security and do what needs to be done to bring our virtual Community together for what, in truth, is just a few short days.

The Team arrives first. Our energy gels bringing our bond deeper, forming a strong container for the transformation about to transpire. Community members come second. Slowly we all adjust to no longer being icons in a digital world of social connection to being three-dimensional, living, breathing beings divinely drawn together to share this journey no matter what part of the globe we call home.

And then the magic. The miracles.

I witness as each HSE releases another layer of fear and crusted armored protection, and as the light emerges through the messiness as years of baggaged weight drops, lifetimes get reclaimed on each face with the realization of the super powers our highly sensitive systems truly do hold; that we can have what we want in the way we want it and we can fulfill the mission of service we’ve been brought here to be.

And then hugs happen, joy is shared, multiple levels of connections deepen… until ultimately the suitcases are re-packed and one by one each HSE heads back out into the world…

First each Community member, then my Team, until there is only just me.

This is when I take a day to rest, to walk, to think, to feel deeply all that has materialized, all that has moved through me, to shed tears of both grief and gratitude that this layer of great work has now grown to ripple its way across the globe with what each HSE carries home.

And to feel the absence – of Community, Team, hugs, laughter and everything that comes with being together sharing the experience of true transformation.

Until I’m in a place to pack my own suitcase, re-enter into my day-to-day skin, re-return to the loving arms of my Sweetheart Husband and to then eventually feel the inklings of the greater process continuing and the birthing beginning once again.

XO. Heather

P.S. If you are interested in joining our next Business Miracles Training Retreat for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs please click here to fill out a Clarity Call form to speak to a coach and to see if the “real work” we do is right for you. Training Retreats are for members of the Business Miracles Mentoring Programs only.

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