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36 The Miracle Combo of Energies Grace and Grit

August 01, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Grace and Grit on Business Miracles

This is A Course In Business Miracles episode 36, The Miracle Combo of Energies Grace and Grit. Listen in to learn how you can use the miracle combo energies of grace and grit to manage any quicksand moment of limiting beliefs as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur.

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I know as Highly Sensitive people, we can hear a word like ‘grit’ and our system goes, ‘What is going to be asked of me? Where do I need to hide? What will I need to push through?’.” – Heather Dominick

Show Notes:

  • What these combo energies mean for the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur
  • Why the idea of grit can be so difficult for HSE’s
  • The four reasons why people quit on their goals
  • The four reasons why people stick to their goals instead
  • How these combo energies can play into your HSE strengths
  • What changed for Heather that caused her to declare bankruptcy

It’s not about whether you have potential or not, but simply how you choose to use it.” – Heather Dominick

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