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HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED – Highly Sensitive Leader Anti-Racist Courageous Conversation Series

September 18, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Highly Sensitive Leader Anti-Racist Courageous Conversation Series

In the beginning of summer 2020, it became very clear to me that COVID was not the only pandemic brutalizing the United States (and many other countries). 

A different type of pandemic – one that has had its hold for centuries, especially in the US, – has been brought out of hiding due to the outrage towards racial injustice, police brutality and a seeming disregard for Black Lives. 

As I openly and vulnerably shared in the beginning of the summer, it was also very clear to me that my curriculum of A Course In Business Miracles did not address racism or diversity – but I had not yet taken action beyond this awareness. Instead, I was using my highly sensitive nature as a reason to be satisfied with awareness vs. taking action in this area of my professional life. 

At that time, I committed to Doing Things Differently. 

I didn’t know what this would look like, but I was willing to show up and discover the way, step by step because: 

1) this is how we do things best as highly sensitives, and 

2) the mark of effective leadership is not needing to know all the answers before taking action, but simply the willingness to be in action from a place of purpose, education and intention.


Together, long term Business Miracles member (and my former high school student), Regine Roy, CEO of Queen Geniuses, Inc., and I created The Anti-Racist Courageous Conversation Series to educate and train the members of the Business Miracles Community, all Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders, on how to effectively engage in this movement longterm – in a way that works for us as highly sensitive.

Being a Highly Sensitive Leader through these Exceptional Times includes rising up to meet the opportunity that the Racial Justice Movement of 2020 is bringing to each one of us.  

I invite you to join us in our commitment to Awareness and Action by using your voice – in whatever way that is meant to look for you – bringing truth and love into the difficult conversations that are happening about racism, racial justice and equality. 

You can start by simply exploring the resources below: 

Why are White People so bad at talking about racism?

The Difference Between Being Not Racist and Being Antiracist

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

If someone doesn’t understand privilege, show them this 

Together, we can create this change that is so very needed in our world right now. <3

In Faith,

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