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Highly Sensitive Leaders … but I really love folding laundry

August 28, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

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I’m still reverberating from a shockingly sensational week of Virtual Team Planning with the Business Miracles Team as Highly Sensitive Leaders.

One of the things we got very clear on as a team is that, as we head into the next 12 months, we are meant to lead from ENERGY as our top value as opposed to time and/or money.  

After having that conversation with my team, I was scrolling through Instagram and a post popped up from a coach that I do not follow.

As I was reading through the post, I noticed the typical coaching industry story of “I came from nothing, built a million dollar business, and if you join this club, you will have a million dollar business too.”  

Reading through the post, I found myself feeling a flicker of an old tendency to slip into “social media comparison”.

And I had a moment where I was like, oh, maybe this whole leading with Energy, leading with love thing … maybe this just isn’t the way to go.

However, as I continued reading, I also became very aware that the steps and recommendations were so formulaic – as has been taught by the coaching and internet marketing industry for the last 20 years:


1) your success
2) how you got this success in 3 to 5 steps
3) a call to action to join so you can have what I have.

Well, one of those steps included: Stop Doing Laundry

And in reading those 3 words, I was brought back to a mastermind from about 15 years ago where a coach I was working with told me to Stop Doing Laundry. 

I remember saying, but I really love folding laundry, and it turned into this whole big coaching thing (aka lecture) about how, if you’re folding laundry, you’re using time that could be used to make money and you need to hire someone to fold your laundry.  

Flash forward 15 years and these are literally the exact words I’m reading in this post.

It was such a great reminder that regurgitated, formulaic coaching doesn’t hold weight anymore.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who cannot put food on their tables right now. 

To be delivering a message that you can make a million dollars if you stop folding your own laundry is not only mismatched for these Exceptional Times, but inappropriate and out of alignment. 

Yes, there will absolutely be people who will still buy into that marketing. 100%. 

But what COVID and the global events of the last 6 months have confirmed for me over and over, is that we must do things differently, and for me, this was more confirmation that the bottom is going to drop out of this type of marketing.

This old, worn way of fear based marketing – “if you continue to fold your laundry, you are never going to be successful” – just doesn’t work anymore, and especially for highly sensitives.

There is not just one formulaic outcome of what it means to fold the laundry. 

As I shared this with my team, I remembered WHY I love folding laundry:

1) It’s meditative for me.
2) I receive creative and inspired ideas when I’m folding laundry, in the same way that I get creative and inspired ideas when I’m taking a bath or taking a walk. 

As Highly Sensitive Leaders who lead from Energy and Love, we are here to be ahead of the curve by counteracting the trend of fear-based marketing.

As a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur and/or Leader, not only can you lead and create from your strengths, a place of love and your authentic self, but by doing so, you can and WILL be of high service to those you are meant to serve, both in and out of business.

You get to choose all of the ways you’re meant to creatively “fold the laundry”. 😉

In Faith,

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