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You’ve been brought to this page because you’re a highly sensitive person who recognizes you’re meant to use your unique abilities to lead through and beyond these  Exceptional Times...

Whether it be as an entrepreneur, in an organization, a specific group or overall in your life, you know in your gut that you’re meant to rise above the noise and the confused chaos to take charge, follow your intuition and provide guidance to others for how everything is now meant to be done differently from this point forward.

Because, if we’re being honest (which is what we do here), the old pre-pandemic way wasn’t working so well at all: marketing was about scarcity, organizing was about enabling and self-healing was about coddling.

We no longer have the privilege of time on our side. A quickening has occurred and we are being called to RISE… to rise above seeing our highly sensitive nature as less than, to rise above waiting to be given permission and to rise above the wounds of our past.

To say once and for all,

“Yes, my way is different. Yes, I might be quieter than some. And, yes, I feel things deeply. Yet it is because of these ways that I’m meant to lead through these turbulent times and the world will be in a better place because of it. I’m no longer meant to or willing to take a back seat to those who are louder or bigger. I no longer believe—even unconsciously—that this means they are better. My time to lead from my highly sensitive strengths has come.”


"This pandemic is a mirror, showing all the warts of where preparedness was lacking and all the glimmers of hope for new beginnings. We’re helping companies fix and build for a better future and it feels great! As Heather has been teaching, through our commitment to being innovative we have received verbal approval on another project. As a result I have have exceeded my Thrive Monthly Income Goal."

~ Brianna, Highly Sensitive Leader and Branding Executive - Illinois, USA

"A few weeks ago I was in the head space of DESPAIR. Now I am in the head space of WHAT ELSE CAN I CREATE? I reluctantly wrote and sent out my newsletter. One of my former clients reached out as a result and I have a verbal agreement to move forward with a Social Emotional Virtual Workshop!"

~ Regine, Highly Sensitive Leader, Educator and Workshop Facilitator - New York, USA

My name is Heather Dominick and I’m a Highly Sensitive Leadership Mentor who has been teaching other highly sensitives from around the globe how to release and heal the traumatic wounds of their past and be the leaders of their businesses and lives by doing things differently, since 2010.

Though it might sound odd, I believe I’ve been training for these Exceptional Times most of my life. For example, as an only child my mother died when I was 14 years old. I lived through 9-11 just over a mile from Ground Zero. I went from being a public high school teacher who could barely pay her bills to starting a business in 2003, in the midst of personal bankruptcy, and growing that business to 7-figures within 7 years. I also shifted gears in 2010 once I learned I was highly sensitive and have been able to maintain solid, sustainable 7-figure success while also honoring my highly sensitive needs for the past decade.

Most recently, I navigated living in the U.S. epicenter of COVID-19 while leading a global community of highly sensitives to not only survive but continue to thrive through and beyond these times - to experience work and life miracles IN SPITE OF what’s happening around us.

I did all this while being forced to live apart from my Sweetheart Husband for the first eight weeks of the global pandemic of 2020 as he served a vulnerable population as part of his position with the NYC Department of Mental Health. And then needing to leave our NYC apartment and lifestyle we each had worked so hard to build over the last 25 years and begin to divide our living time together to ensure that we remain safe through these Exceptional Times. Yes, this has been my calling for a long time.

Again, you’re here because you know that for you, too, leading as a highly sensitive is a learning you’re meant to master and a call you’re meant to answer.

You know you’re different, and that this difference is no longer something you’re meant to hide. Time to stop feeling confused and believing you need to conform to the way it has always been done in order to fit in.

You know you’re intuitive, and that now this intuition is meant to be your primary guide. Time to stop pretending this is less valuable than logic.

You know you’re a deep feeler, and that these feelings are meant to inform you. Time to stop being overwhelmed by the emotions of others and instead use this as motivation to act.

You know you’re empathic, and that this is the new communication super power that the world needs to experience right now. Time to stop ignoring what you know must be said.

You know you’re a deep believer in justice, and this is the stand that must be taken. Time to stop taking the back seat.

From here, it’s simply about “the how”, the community and the accountability to stay consistently in action while grounded and balanced so you’re able to act as a change-agent for the long-haul.

Because that’s what we are in for, my friend.

If you’re a highly sensitive person, these times call for you to be able to optimally function and lead yourself and all of your relationships from your sensitive strengths, not your shadows.

If you’re a highly sensitive professional, these times call for you to speak up and use your visionary ability to innovate and lead groups forward into the new way that’s going to be needed for the success of organizational operations, not placating or playing the “good girl” or "good guy".

If you’re a highly sensitive business owner, these times call for you to market as a pioneer from integrity and empathy (authenticity is no longer even going to be enough of what’s needed) to optimally thrive and lead yourself forward to sustainable financial success, not doubting that what you have to offer is valuable.

The time for Highly Sensitive Leadership has come.


"I really appreciated Heather's teaching on how to limit the use of technology during the Roundtable. I had the urge to not watch news and haven't in a few days. A few days later I turned on the news, and in less than 5 minutes I was overwhelmed with emotions, fear and sadness. So I turned it off and remembered the resources Heather shared to find the information without all the psychological fear added to it. I was able to find just the facts. It took a couple of minutes and I'm both informed and able to move on with my evening rather than be derailed by my highly sensitive nervous system."

~ Nova, Highly Sensitive Leader, Coach and Therapist - Texas, USA

"Two potential clients from overseas contacted me, and I felt good about how clear and caring I was in our conversations. If they are meant to be clients, they will sign on. This is a result of working on transforming my limiting belief that "I'm not enough." I used to over-give with clients. Now, I'm much better at communicating clearly what clients can expect. I am comfortable with how I am being in service, and believing that is enough."

~ Diane, Highly Sensitive Leader, Healer and Reiki Practitioner - Illinois, USA
A Course In Business Miracles Presents

The Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program

Here's how we structure the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program for Optimal Learning AND Implementing:


Training Element One
Weekly Live Training With Roundtable Breakout Sessions

This Training Program element provides weekly, live video training led primarily by Highly Sensitive Leadership Founder and Mentor, Heather Dominick, on real- time, responsive community-curated topics. The second part of each Roundtable is typically divided randomly into small group breakout sessions led by Mentor Heather Dominick and the Business Miracles Coaches.

The Breakout Session is where each week you have the opportunity to ask for and receive targeted support on the week’s training topic or anything else you need that week to support you as a Highly Sensitive Leader in your business and life.

When: Wednesdays – 12pm-12:50pm, EASTERN
Length: 50 Minutes
Recording Provided: Yes


"The Roundtables have been of such help and support. I have received some big takeaways, one being that I can choose to be a part of the story of lack & despair OR rise above it. I also understand that asking for and receiving payment = a commitment being made. Change only occurs through commitment."

~ Sarah, Highly Sensitive Leader and Non-Profit Consultant - Texas, USA


Training Element Two
Leadership Training Curriculum Track

This Training Program element starts with a specially designed assessment to determine which Highly Sensitive Leadership curriculum track will serve you best over your next year of training. You receive your entire curated track of 15-25 trainings at the start of your program. The leadership training track categories are:

  • Mindset Leadership
  • Self-Care Leadership
  • Relationship Leadership
  • Professional Leadership
  • Marketing Leadership
  • Advanced Marketing Leadership
  • Visionary Leadership

You also receive access to an automated online process that allows you to request additional recorded trainings outside of your track at any time so you are never missing out on anything you need to excel in business and life as a highly sensitive.

And because you will evolve over the year as you implement what you learn, you will retake the track assessment annually.


Here is a list of some of the trainings included in each of the Leadership Training Curriculum Tracks:

  • How Coping Keeps You Captive

  • Nervous System and Mindset Management

  • Releasing Comparison

  • Planning for Monthly Income Increase

  • Attract Clients Instantly

  • Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Selling Success System

Advanced Marketing:
  • Planning for Aligned Productivity

  • Call to Action

  • Major Marketing Moments

Professional Leadership:
  • Hiring/Firing

  • Team Member Reviews

  • Team Communication

Visionary Leadership:
  • Zone of Genius

  • Create from the Heart

  • Further Expansion

Relationship Leadership:
  • Difficult Conversations

  • Magnitude versus Littleness

  • Relationship Resilience

Self-Care Leadership:
  • Releasing Resistance

  • Essential Self Mantra

  • Healthy Digestion


"I successfully had 2 Difficult Conversations over the last couple of weeks. They felt big beforehand and both went off well and I was glad I trusted myself. There is no getting away from having these conversations. The Difficult Conversation Training reminded me the resistance I had to having these conversations is because my Highly Sensitive Essential Self has been denied since as Highly Sensitives we have spent most of our life compromising ourselves to please others."

~ Fidelma, Highly Sensitive Leader and Consultant - Ireland


Training Element Three
6-Month Intuitive Planning Days

This Training Program element provides access to two 1-day sessions of live video planning, 6-months apart, using a proprietary process developed by Heather Dominick specifically for Highly Sensitive Leaders. This innovative process teaches you to access, hone and plan from the Highly Sensitive Leadership Strength of Intuition.

Each day is led by Highly Sensitive Leadership Founder and Mentor, Heather Dominick for the entire community of Highly Sensitive Leaders from around the globe and is applicable to and supportive of acceleration within all of the leadership curriculum tracks.

Dates: April 28, 2021 and November 3, 2021


Training Element Four
Annual Virtual Training Retreat

This Training Program element provides a rare and valuable opportunity to receive an extended 2-3 days of real time, highly interactive training with Mentor Heather Dominick and a like minded community of Highly Sensitive Leaders from around the globe.

Each Training Retreat content is always new and determined by the demonstrated real-time needs of the members of the Business Miracles Community of Highly Sensitive Leaders.

Dates: November 8-10, 2021


"I had a Difficult Conversation with a client that resulted in closing our relationship. I am so grateful that I've learned through Heather's teachings how to respect both of our needs and bring more ease to these conversations. As a highly sensitive, successfully navigating Difficult Conversations is extremely empowering!"

~ Melissa, Highly Sensitive Leader, Writing and Life Coach - Canada
Lisa B

"I just had someone buy a month of daily distance Reiki treatments! I felt guided to make the offer and she accepted. This is the most money I have made in one month since I started my business - and during a pandemic!"

~ Lisa, Highly Sensitive Leader and Reiki Practitioner - Ohio, USA


Training Element Five
Private Network Forum

This Training Program element provides an ongoing digital connection to real-time mentoring and coaching along with aligned community support. This is NOT a social media experience, but rather a consciously created and meticulously maintained safe online learning environment to support you with actual accountability and accelerated growth.

Consistent use of the forum helps you to break past unhelpful patterns which are holding you back, including typical highly sensitive blocks such as believing you have to do everything on your own and that being visible is not a safe experience.


Training Element Six
Option to Add Private Support

This Training Program element provides the option to add, for an additional fee and as often as you choose, 30 minutes of private coaching support with a member of the Business Miracles Coach Team or private mentoring support directly with Mentor Heather Dominick.


"My expected miracle for this month on my 30 day plan was the hard work that myself and Lauren have put into our business RYPB in the last 12 months will bear financial fruit in this calendar month.

We just had a team member upgrade to our higher package at a profit of 3000 euros plus to our business. After what has felt like months of pushing through the darkness this is definitely a business miracle for us."

~ Brian, Highly Sensitive Leader and Breath Practitioner - Ireland


2020/21 Program
Value Add-Ons

At the current time Heather is generously providing the above-and-beyond elements listed below in response to the real time needs that she sees in the Community. There is no additional fee for these value add-ons:

A) Weekly Activations applying the 50 Principles of A Course In Miracles to Highly Sensitive Leadership
B) Quarterly Anti-Racist Courageous Conversation Series


"In the midst of a global pandemic I have been able to take final steps to having my own naturopath clinic that will open in June. This is all possible because of the on-going inner work I have done as part of this Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program to see and create what I want and believe it is possible."

~ Chandy, Highly Sensitive Leader, Doctor and Wellness Clinic Owner - Hawaii, USA


"When I started A Course in Business Miracles, I decided to focus on the consulting but never felt confident enough to start marketing my services. At the same time, I've taught and mentored university Master's students and designed learning experiences. I presented those achievements to another Master's coordinator. I took it as an opportunity to practice an HSE Selling Conversation - though imperfect. She was convinced and she's ready to count me in as a teacher and mentor!"

~ Gabrielle, Highly Sensitive Leader and Educational Mentor - France


"Today was day 37 of doing Heather’s Daily Activations. The synchronicities to deepening my divine connection every single day have been truly mind blowing and nothing short of miraculous! The universe has been bringing me opportunities matched to all of the teachings and the Daily Activations. I am truly bursting with gratitude and love.

Thank you Mentor Heather Dominick for teaching me how to deepen my connection to the Divine and receive miracles."

~ Macy, Highly Sensitive Leader and Online Brow Academy Creator - Canada

Here are the arenas in which highly sensitives are thriving as a result of this leadership training:

Personal Development Coaches:

Writing for Trauma Release


Music producer


College Dean
High School Principal
Workshop Facilitator for High School Girls


Real Estate Trainer
Graphic Designer
Cyber Security
Brand Transformation
Web Designers
Marketing Consultant
Finance Coach
Finance Director
Graphic Designer
Leadership/Career Coach
Speaking Coach
Marketing coach
Financial Consultant and Legal Services
Business Coach
Non-profit Organizations
Public Image Company
Pub Owner


Health Coach
Energy Healer
Reiki Master
Personal Trainer
Yoga Studio Owner
Pilates Instructor
Healing Touch Coach
Massage Therapist
Healthy Home Products
Emotional Eating Coach


Dog Trainer
Equine Expert
Interior Designer
Professional Organizer
Photo Organizer
Marriage and Family Therapist
Math Tutor
Home Renovator


"Smiling through tears as I realize how much has transpired this year. I have strengthened my intuition, and healed through consistent inner work. Daily practice of scripting and meditating anchors me in the process of healing, and has been my go-to during this volatile year. I raised the price of my home, selling it within 6 days which allowed me to gracefully transition to my next homes without having to touch my savings! I believe now, that there is nothing that I cannot transform when willing to go within."

~ Sofiia, Highly Sensitive Leader and HSP Coach - Denmark

This is For You If:
  • you are a highly sensitive entrepreneur or leader and you are deeply into self-growth.
  • you are spiritual, yet practical, and you embrace the Business Miracles all-inclusive philosophy of a full acceptance of all religious and spiritual beliefs for all of our Business Miracles Members.
  • you have a high level of commitment to your business and/or personal success.
  • you have a high-level of personal and energetic responsibility.
  • your business, if you are an entrepreneur, is not just a hobby for you.
  • you are willing to begin the process of seeing things differently about what it means to be highly sensitive, and what it means to lead your life and career from your strengths as a Highly Sensitive Leader.
  • you are a highly developed learner who follows through.
  • you are willing to be accountable.
  • You are willing and able and you understand the importance of doing what needs to be done to attend all Intuitive Planning and Training Retreat days; success is extremely important to you.
  • you both understand and value high-level mentoring and the power of a like-minded community.
  • you are of high-integrity and pay your tuition on time, consistently.

"In spite of being in the midst of a Pandemic I am projected to exceed 10 Million in Sales - the most I have ever made as a Realtor! I could never have created this business and life without my affiliation with the Business Miracles Community of Highly Sensitive Leaders. I no longer compare myself to other Realtors and compete only with myself. I manage my energy and focus on being in service to my clients, my colleagues and my family."

~ Geri, Highly Sensitive Leader and Realtor - Virginia, USA

This is Not For You If:
  • you do not have previous experience with personal development or professional training as a highly sensitive (eg. self-study with Dr. Aron’s books, therapy, HSP coaching etc.).
  • you often feel like a victim to outer circumstances and like the world is happening to you.
  • you take flight or freeze in the face of change.
  • you’re not self-motivated and expect others to do the motivating for you.
  • you experience paralyzing levels of fear when you consider being seen for who you truly are.
  • you hold a deep sense of shame regarding your highly sensitive nature.
  • you’re not willing to address and transform your limiting beliefs in exchange for possibilities and miracles.
  • you’re not willing to navigate an online learning environment.
  • you would prefer to fade into the background and let someone else lead the way.
  • you know you have brilliant ideas, but you resist taking action on them.
  • you don’t accept feedback easily or work well with others.
  • you shrink back, hide or disappear when challenged.
  • you’re not in a position to make your own decision about investing in training for yourself.

"12 months ago I was 60K in debt. Today I am out of debt, just purchased 12 acres of land and have money to invest in a future poised to be in service to my Highly Sensitive Self."

~ Christiane, Highly Sensitive Leader and Holistic Health Counselor - Canada


"In the last week I have received the Business Miracles of enrolling TWO clients into my largest package, one client into my medium package, and one client into my mini package. I have EXCEEDED my Monthly Dire Need Income Goal! Yay!"

~ Melissa, Highly Sensitive Leader, Dietitian and Healing Touch Practitioner - New Jersey, USA


"In spite of these Exceptional Times and the sudden loss of my spouse, I want to celebrate that I delivered 2 client projects today that resulted in exceeding my Monthly Dire Need Income goal."

~ Caren, Highly Sensitive Leader and Photo Organizer - North Carolina, USA



x 1

Payment Plan

x 12

Please click the button below and complete the application to be considered for a spot in the year-long Highly Sensitive Leadership Program.

Feeling like this training program is an energetic match but just have a few more questions?

Email or give a call to: 888-417-0283 (TOLL-FREE) and our Business Miracles Member Care Team will connect you with a Business Miracles Enrollment Coach to schedule a 1:1 Clarity Call and we'll get real clear, real quickly if this is the program for you.

Once your application is approved your first payment or pay in full, depending on which payment plan you choose, will process 30 days from your deposit. Should your application be denied for any reason you will be immediately notified and your deposit will be fully refunded within 24 business hours of application review.

This is an On-Demand Training Program which provides you with access to all training materials upon enrollment acceptance. Even if you are unable to attend a Live Training or In-Person component of the program, you will be provided with a recorded version of the component. Therefore, this On-Demand Training Program may not be canceled or refunded at any time.

Again, the time for Highly Sensitive Leadership has come.

I look forward to sharing and thriving through these times as Highly Sensitive Leaders - together.

In Faith,

XO. Heather

P.S. Again, if you're feeling like this training program is an energetic match but just have a few more questions, email or give a call to: 888-417-0283 (TOLL-FREE) and our Business Miracles Member Care Team will connect you with a Business Miracles Enrollment Coach to schedule a 1:1 Clarity Call and we'll get real clear, real quickly if this is the program for you.


"The Daily Activations Heather has been leading are the best way for me to begin my day and create calm as I transition to leading my team meetings from home. Just these 10 minutes allow me to access my Highly Sensitive Strength of Creativity and as a result my team has responded with productivity and I have met my Monthly Thrive Income Goal."

~ Mayumi, Highly Sensitive Leader and Accountant - Florida, USA

“We are moving from an economy and a society built on the logical, linear, computer like capabilities of the Information Age to an economy and a society built on the inventive, empathic, visionary capabilities of what’s rising in its place, the Conceptual Age.

Leadership is about empathy. It is about having the ability to relate and to connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives.”

~ Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind


"A friend called me out of the blue this morning. I told her what I am doing - closing my product line and focusing on coaching clients. And she said ""That's sounds like what I want now. I'll support your business."" She enrolled in my Mama package . She's someone I had wanted to work with because she's super connected, but didn't feel like I had it 'together' enough to talk to her and now here we are getting started."

~ Lidia, Highly Sensitive Leader and Pleasure Strategist - New York, USA


"I more than doubled my Monthly Dire Need Income Goal hitting $5000!!! After participating in Heather's Roundtable session I was inspired and I reached out to my team members with clear direction, which helped me meet this goal!"

~ Monica, Highly Sensitive Leader and Activewear Entrepreneur - New Jersey, USA

EnergyRICH Coaching, Inc. and A Course In Business Miracles is an Enlightened Company. A percentage of every A Course In Business Miracles program and product purchased goes directly to supporting Women for Women International, empowering over 153,000 women survivors of war to move toward economic self-sufficiency and to Charity Water with a commitment to end the water crisis in our lifetime.

Legal Disclaimer: (My lawyer makes me write this!) Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Any claims made of actual business changes or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.


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