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June 27, 2023

How to Thrive in Business as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur

by Heather Dominick |
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Being in business as a highly sensitive person (HSP) or highly sensitive entrepreneur (HSE) comes with its unique set of strengths and challenges. While sensitivity can sometimes be perceived as a disadvantage in the business world, understanding and embracing your highly sensitive nature can actually be a powerful asset for creating success.

In This Article

Business as a highly sensitive entrepreneur (HSE) requires a unique approach. In this article, we will explore the keys to success for HSPs and HSEs, including knowing yourself, managing your energy, and leveraging your strengths so you can navigate being self-employed (and all that comes with it) with confidence to create a prosperous business that aligns with your purpose and works for your highly sensitive nervous system. By understanding and embracing your sensitivities, you can leverage your strengths, manage your energy, and create a thriving business environment.

What does it mean to be highly sensitive?

According to clinical research psychologist and author Elaine Aron, there are 20% of us born into the world highly sensitive. Your nervous system is literally wired differently than someone who’s not highly sensitive and as a result you take in stimulation at a much higher degree whether that be sight, sound, smell, touch, energy or information.

The Difference Between HSEs and HSPs

While the terms highly sensitive person (HSP) and highly sensitive entrepreneur (HSE) are often used interchangeably, there are distinct differences between the two. HSPs encompass a broader category of individuals who possess heightened sensitivity, whereas HSEs have specifically been called into entrepreneurial endeavors. Understanding the nuances between the two can help you tailor your strategies and mindset to the entrepreneurial context, ensuring your success in business as a highly sensitive entrepreneur.

Our HSE Success Guide goes into more depth about these differences and talks about the 7 Characteristics of an HSE. You can take the HSE Assessment here to see how highly sensitive you are and learn how you can have these 7 Core Characteristics working for you.

Knowing Yourself as an HSE

Self-awareness is a crucial foundation for success as an HSE. Understanding your highly sensitive nature allows you to recognize your unique strengths and challenges. By acknowledging your sensitivities, you can make informed decisions, set appropriate boundaries, and engage in activities that support your well-being. Take the time to understand your triggers, boundaries, and needs. Recognize how your sensitivity allows you to empathize, connect deeply with clients, and foster authentic relationships. When you understand yourself as an HSE, you can make conscious choices that align with your strengths and values. Knowing your limits, energy cycles, and preferred work environments will help you cultivate a business that aligns with your needs as an HSE.

Highly Sensitive Strengths and Shadows

As an HSE, it is essential to recognize both your strengths and shadows. Highly sensitive individuals often possess exceptional creativity, intuition, and the ability to deeply connect with others. However, they may also struggle with self-doubt, perfectionism, and overstimulation. Identifying these strengths and shadows allows you to harness your innate abilities while developing strategies to manage the challenges. Recognizing both your strengths and shadows allows you to proactively address challenges and leverage your unique attributes. Embracing your strengths and staying in consistent process with areas of improvement can help you achieve greater success and fulfillment. By understanding your shadows, such as self-judgment and susceptibility to negative energy, you can develop strategies to overcome them.

When you learn how to really operate your work and your life from your highly sensitive strengths:
  • you speak and people respond positively to you and what you have to say
  • you create marketing that makes you money without trying to be someone you’re not
  • you gain increased respect with professional relationship and those that
  • you work for or who work for you: compensated well for your skills
  • you have personal relationships where people see you and accept you for who you are as a highly sensitive and respect you for it rather than shame you: parents, spouse, children, friends
  • you no longer need to pretend you’re someone you’re not in all situations

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The Basics of Business as a Highly Sensitive

To succeed in business as a highly sensitive, it is important to establish a strong foundation. This includes setting clear goals, defining your business values, and creating systems and routines that support your well-being. Building a business that aligns with your values and purpose not only increases motivation and fulfillment but also attracts clients who resonate with your authentic approach. Additionally, implementing self-care practices and effective time management techniques can help manage the heightened sensory input that comes with being an HSP/HSE. By embracing your highly sensitive nature, and being willing to do things differently than you have before, you can create a balanced and sustainable business model that nurtures both your personal and professional growth.

Leveraging Your Sensitivity in Business

Being aware of your high sensitivity in the business world provides a valuable advantage. HSEs tend to possess heightened intuition, empathy, and attention to detail, enabling them to understand their clients’ needs deeply. This empathic connection fosters stronger relationships, customer loyalty, and a better understanding of market demands. By leveraging their sensitivity, HSEs can develop unique products or services that cater to the specific needs of their target audience and ideal clients, setting themselves apart from competitors. By embracing your sensitivity, you can create a business environment that prioritizes empathy, compassion, and emotional intelligence. Authenticity becomes your superpower, attracting clients who resonate with your genuine approach.

Energy and Nervous System Management as a Highly Sensitive

Managing your energy and maintaining a balanced nervous system are crucial aspects of success in business as a highly sensitive. HSPs are particularly sensitive to their environment and can easily become overwhelmed by external stimuli. Implementing practices such as meditation, journaling, exercise, and setting energetic boundaries can help regulate and protect their energy. Actively managing your energy will support you in maintaining clarity, focus, and resilience, enabling you to make strategic decisions and overcome challenges more effectively. Prioritizing self-care and energy management allows you to sustainably navigate the demands of entrepreneurship. By proactively managing your energy, you can create a harmonious and flourishing business environment. 

3 Key Elements to Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Success

  1. Community – surrounding yourself with others who are like you and creating what you want vs. being isolated, lonely and feeling like something is wrong with you
  2. Core Practice – using tools, teaching to shift from shadow reaction to strength response: within yourself, your marketing, organization of any circumstance vs. constantly being barraged with energy and stimulation coming at you and feeling like your one step behind
  3. Consistency – developing the skill to move through overwhelm over and over and over so you are staying on course vs. suffering from pushing to get things done or hiding and not getting anything done

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Success Strategies for HSEs

To thrive as an HSE, it’s crucial to align your thoughts, feelings, and actions towards your desired outcomes. Setting clear intentions, visualizing success, and cultivating a positive mindset are key practices for creating the business and life you envision. Additionally, establishing healthy boundaries, seeking support from like-minded individuals, and continually expanding your knowledge and skills are essential. These strategies enable sustained growth and create a fulfilling business and personal life in which you experience more impact, more income and more ease.

Business as a highly sensitive entrepreneur is a unique journey that requires self-awareness, energy management, and a mindset geared towards success. By embracing your sensitivity as a strength, understanding your shadows, and implementing practical strategies to work differently, you can create a thriving business that aligns with your values and supports your well-being – physically, spiritually, relationally and financially. Remember, success as an HSE is not only possible but can also bring you peace, prosperity, and a deep sense of fulfillment. Embrace your unique gifts and step into your calling as a highly sensitive entrepreneur with courage and confidence, knowing that you possess unique gifts that are meant to positively impact the world around you.

Best First Step

The best first step to working with yourself as an HSE is learning your level of sensitivity by taking our HSE Assessment here, and then beginning the ongoing journey of more deeply understanding who you are and what you need as HSE. The HSE Success Guide that is included with the HSE Assessment is a perfect place to start that journey.

Struggling with business and leadership overwhelm?

Reaching your business goals with ease, inspiration and calm takes consistent choice/action to shift from awareness, to understanding, and into knowing (what I call the AUK Transformation Process) – and it very rarely happens without accountability and support. Many other HSP entrepreneurs just like you are working to manage overwhelm, burnout, and other day-to-day challenges with business operations and marketing as a highly sensitive entrepreneur.

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