HSE Feature with Ennis Carter on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Today on A Course In Business Miracles, we are talking with Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur and visual artist Ennis Carter! Since joining the Business Miracles community only one year ago, the Business Miracles community has seen Ennis and her business grow and change so much, and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share her experience today.

It was with her family that she first realized her Highly Sensitive nature, reading through the literature and noticing herself in them completely, particularly in her business. So she set out to find a community that would support her and thrive and found A Course In Business Miracles. But it was over a year later that she finally jumped from just being a newsletter subscriber to a full-fledged member of the community, and she hasn’t looked back.

Not only has she felt herself grow as a person, with better health and a more healthy outlook on life, but also as a business and most importantly as an artist. She has learned to better trust her inner voice and be fearless in the realization of her artistic vision. Through these changes, she has been able to better serve her family, her clients, and her community.

Learn more about how the Business Miracles community helped Ennis Carter with her business, and how it gave her the confidence to chase her artistic vision.

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It almost seemed unreal that there would be something that combined these elements of high sensitivity and being an entrepreneur.” – Ennis Carter

Show Notes:

  • How Ennis’s HSE and HSL journey began
  • Why finding A Course In Business Miracles was so surprising to Ennis
  • How the program and has helped Ennis find her true purpose in her life
  • What has changed in Ennis’s business since joining the Business Miracles program
  • How one of Ennis’s recent projects was inspired by her work in the HSE community
  • Why trusting in and putting everything into the creation of a piece of art gave Ennis an expected outgrowth of support from her community
  • What’s next for Ennis, her art, and her business
  • Ennis’s advice for other Highly Sensitive people who are interested in the program

I have really restored my sense of purpose.” – Ennis Carter

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It put me back out there, so people could see what I really do instead of what they think I do.” – Ennis Carter

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