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92 HSE Feature with Real Estate Consultant Geri Deane

September 23, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

HSL Feature with Real Estate Agent Geri Deane on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

I am so happy to be featuring Geri Deane as a member of the Business Miracles Community and as a successful Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur and leader. Geri, along with being a valued member of the Business Miracles Community, is a residential Real Estate Consultant assisting buyers, sellers, and tenants; both locally, and globally, to support people who are looking to buy, sell, or rent their dream home, in Virginia or around the world, and who may be experiencing a major life transition.

They desire to partner with a real estate consultant they can trust, and who will respect them, listen deeply to their needs, and powerfully guide them every step of the way. And as a result of their time of Geri, they will feel calm and confident that their real estate transaction was handled in both a personal and professional way. Geri now focuses on her uniqueness rather than comparing herself to others, and in just one year, her gross income is now 100% over where it was last year, even during a pandemic. Which is AMAZING!

Listen in to hear how Geri has embraced her Highly Sensitive nature and changed everything about how she operates her business and lives her life.

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The relationship has always been more important than the transaction. Building trust and showing interest in clients builds a lasting relationship.” – Geri Deane

Show Notes:

  • What initially brought Heather and Geri together
  • Why Geri joined the Miracles Mentoring program
  • How the Business Miracles teaching taught Geri to be more sensitive and be held accountable by others
  • How Geri learned to focus on her uniqueness through adversity
  • What Geri means by “pay it off, pay it forward, pay yourself”
  • Geri’s advice for HSEs who are looking to move forward in their careers

The law of adaptation is about strengthening the muscle of personal responsiblilty.” – Geri Deane

Links Mentioned:

Before spending time and money climbing the corporate/entrepeneurial ladder, invest time into yourself.” – Geri Deane

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