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55 HSE Feature with Jackie Wynn, Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Realtor

April 24, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Jackie Wynn on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Welcome to this Business Miracles HSE Feature Episode. I am just really, really thrilled to be featuring Jackie Wynn as a member of the Business Miracles Community and as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur.

Jackie, aside from being a valued member of the Business Miracles Community, is a realtor at McEnearney Associates in Virginia, where she uses her HSE Strengths to make each and every client feel heard and well represented. She has consciously created a business model that focuses on serving versus selling, and one that allows her enthusiasm, unflagging energy, and positive outlook to support her clients throughout the entire real estate process. In her fourteen years as an agent, she has focused on clients who want to have both a high tech and high touch experience. She works with home buyers and sellers who often struggle with how to best interpret and use the online data at their fingertips to make smart real estate decisions, and who also desire a personal connection and high level of customized support, to help them navigate their purchase or sale smoothly and successfully.

As a certified Relocation Specialist, she has been entrusted to deliver top-notch service to corporate clients such as AOL, Rolls Royce, VW, the State Department, and many others. She was recently chosen by McEnearney Associates to be a part of their flagship Land, Farm, and Estate Division in Virginia. She has contributed real estate articles on behalf of the Dulles Area Association of Realtors, as well as participated in county real estate think tank groups, and graduated from Leadership Loudoun’s 2009 class of community leaders.

You will want to listen in as I talk with Jackie to hear that even through all of these accolades Jackie felt like she was constantly working against her highly sensitive traits in order to try to fit in while secretly her soul was dying to NOW USING her highly sensitive traits as a way to be more connected to her true self and therefore able to more easily deliver a genuine, deep level of service and support to her clients which has created more financial success then she has ever experienced before.

It is just such an honor to be a part of her HSE journey, and I’m just so pleased to be sharing this episode with you today.

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I always felt I was successful despite who I was. I have been able to realize that I have been successful because of who I am, and I was just telling myself a different story.” – Jackie Wynn

Show Notes:

  • How Jackie and Heather got connected, and what drew Jackie to the Business Miracles course
  • Jackie’s journey as an HSE and why it has worked so well for her
  • Why HSE’s tend to procrastinate on action by looking for all the information first
  • How Jackie’s business changed after taking her 6-month Business Miracles course
  • How the different tools from Business Miracles have changed Jackie’s perspective and how she works with her clients
  • What the Business Miracles community does to stop HSEs from “going down the rabbit hole”
  • Jackie’s advice for people who are unsure about starting in the Business Miracles program

I had never had highly sensitive terminology come across my mind at all, and as you kept speaking, I just kept ticking off the boxes in my head and going, ‘oh my heavens, it’s like she knows me’.” – Jackie Wynn

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Making the commitment is the first step, taking that one baby step, and then from there, the how will show itself.” – Jackie Wynn

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