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84 HSE Feature with Personal Branding Consultant, Khayra Bundakji

June 03, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

84 - Business Miracles - HSE Feature with Personal Branding Consultant Khayra Bundakji

Listen in as I talk with HSE Personal Branding Consultant, Khayra Bundakji to hear how before she joined the Business Miracles Mentoring Programs, she didn’t realize that where she was giving a lot of attention and focus, actually could be a business. She was volunteering her time instead of generating income, in addition to a full-time job. Now she has begun the transition into being self-employed full time doing what she loves.

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The biggest thing I got out of the Business Miracles program was knowing when I was taking actions out of pushing, and when I was doing it to help my business.” – Khayra Bundakji

Show Notes:

  • What brought Khayra into the knowledge of her Highly Sensitive nature
  • What convinced Khayra to join A Course In Business Miracles after two years of listening to the podcast
  • How the Business Miracles teachings have affected Khayra and her business
  • Which teachings have been most impactful for Khayra in her business
  • What changed with Khayra’s relationship with money
  • How Khayra’s business has grown since she started working with A Course In Business Miracles
  • What is next for Khayra and her business

The idea that money is a representation of value I’m exchanging with my clients was mind blowing.” – Khayra Bundakji

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It doesn’t have to be a struggle internally. We already have enough struggles.” – Khayra Bundakji

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