96 HSE Feature with Leadership Career Coach Maria Kyriakos on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Today on A Course In Business Miracles is another HSE Feature! These are the episodes where we interview a member of the HSE community who has changed their life and transformed their business by embracing their true Highly Sensitive nature. And today’s guest is no exception!

Maria Kyriakos is a leadership career coach who works to advise CEOs and other leaders in large corporations to lead and manage effectively. But before she joined the Business Miracles community, she was having trouble really exercising her true skills in serving her clients. The change that she has seen since then in her business has been amazing, with a growth in revenue of over 90%!

Learn how Maria Kyriakos discovered the Business Miracles community, and how she embraced experimentation and innovation to better serve her clients.

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I leaned on my intuition and my creativity, but I didn’t lead with it.” – Maria Kyriakos

Show Notes:

  • When Maria discovered that she was Highly Sensitive and how it changed her career
  • The difference that being a part of the Business Miracles community has made for her business
  • How having her whole self available has changed how she approaches her work
  • How Maria has embraced experimentation and innovation in her business and life
  • What Business Miracles teaches on competition and judgment, and what Maria took away from it
  • The importance of community in achieving real positive change
  • What’s next for Maria and her life as an HSE

My business is thriving as a result of Business Miracles.” – Maria Kyriakos

Links Mentioned:

The philosophy and approach you use around these concepts is applicable to everyone.” – Maria Kyriakos

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