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94 HSE Feature with Susie Procini

October 21, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

94 - Business Miracles - HSE Feature with Susie Procini

On today’s episode of the Business Miracles podcast, we have special guest Susie Procini as an HSE Feature! Susie Procini has been a mainstay here at A Course In Business Miracles for the last four years and her transformation has been profound since she started in our program.

When she came in, her business wasn’t going anywhere. Literally. Not even at a snail’s pace, but nowhere. She was constantly overwhelmed and overused, and at the same time, her HSE Strengths were undernourished and underutilized. She was ready for a change, and change she has!

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My business was stalled. Not even just going at a snail’s pace, but completely stopped.” – Susie Procini

Show Notes:

  • Why A Course In Business Miracles was exactly what Susie needed when she joined
  • The one thing that Susie received from this program that helped her business the most
  • How the course has given Susie an ‘operating system’ with which to work on her life and business
  • How Susie moved away from a life of people-pleasing and into a life of abundance
  • Why the HSE community has been so powerful for Susie and her transformation
  • What’s next for Susie and her business
  • Susie’s advice for any Highly Sensitive People that are on the fence about joining A Course In Business Miracles

A Course In Business Miracles was the best decision for me professionally and personally in more ways than I can even count.” – Susie Procini

Links Mentioned:

I was stuck in the shadow of not only overwhelm, but over-protection and over-responsibility.” – Susie Procini

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