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82 HSE Feature with Dog Trainer, Teri Thomas

May 06, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

HSE Feature Teri Thomas on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Before Teri Thomas joined in the HSE Mentoring Program, she was dealing with what many HSEs are familiar with. Constant burnout, refusing to hire on more people, putting off today’s work until tomorrow. She felt helpless and didn’t know where to turn. Until she connected with Heather Dominick and A Course In Business Miracles, and everything changed.

Today on A Course In Business Miracles, we have an HSE Feature with HSE dog trainer Teri Thomas! Listen in as I talk with Dog Trainer, Teri Thomas, to hear how she went from believing that she had to do it all alone to hiring another trainer and someone to help her manage her office. Once she broke through that limiting belief the floodgates opened and in one year she crossed the 6-figure mark.

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It felt right and that finally somebody gets me, because all my life I’ve felt different.” – Teri Thomas

Show Notes:

  • Teri’s experience as she came to realize that she was a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur
  • What understanding herself as an HSE gave to Teri
  • How Teri’s life has transformed from a life of being burnt out
  • The change Teri has seen in her team, her customer acquisition, and her income
  • How the HSE Mentoring Program helped Teri and her team reach the six-figure mark in her business
  • What Teri loves about being part of the Business Miracles community
  • How the training retreats have been a gift for Teri
  • What Teri sees going forward with her business
  • Teri’s advice for other HSEs who are on the fence about going into the Business Miracles Program

Being able to process my emotions in a different and better way helped me move through them instead of staying in a swirling vortex of chaos.” – Teri Thomas

Links Mentioned:

On the forum, I can say how I’m feeling and not get chastised for it and share it, and that’s like a big virtual hug for me everyday.” – Teri Thomas

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