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I. Just. KNOW.

October 30, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the connection between Intuition and Trust, both of which are key aspects in our ability to truly anchor our highly sensitive strengths. This reflection is part of my process as I prepare to lead a powerful Virtual Training Retreat on exactly that: Anchoring Your Highly Sensitive Strengths to Lead More Boldly Through These Exceptional Times And Beyond.

Accessing our intuition, and trusting that it is here to guide us – especially during these uncertain times – allows us opportunities for creative solutions and transformation, IF we are willing to do things differently.

Daring to be different means that we no longer default into old ways of looking outside for validation or permission.

Because guess what? You don’t need approval or permission to trust your intuition!

So, “I just know.” is your new response the minute you (or someone else) start to question your intuition with questions like:

“How do you know?
Why are you doing that?
What’s your reason?
What proof do you have?
What are the facts?”,

And you’ll want to write that down.

I. Just. KNOW.

The challenge is to stay in that space of, “I just know.” when you’re being questioned by your own ego mind or by someone else.

The more you enter into building this discomfort resilience (according to teacher and Buddhist monk, Pema Chödrön) as an ongoing practice, the more your intuition will be available to you as a deliberate tool when it comes to making decisions, discerning, and determining.

And, as with all things, it is meant to be an ongoing practice and a process. ✨✨


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