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Is this actually possible right now?

April 17, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick


We are at the point in this global pandemic where the mind can really begin to wreak havoc wondering, when will this END so we can go back to business as usual??

Though it might be hard to grasp right now, every type of apocalyptic change does bring with it opportunity for growth and betterment. They key as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) is to be able to remain strong and steady through the storm.

Here are 3 pillars to support you in accessing your HSE Strengths during, through and beyond this Exceptional Time:

1) Structure.

This is a biggie. So many HSEs that I am speaking to right now are having a difficult time focusing which makes sense because deep change is rocking our planet. Here’s what will help:

Have a solid way to start and end your day. This will give you bookends to your daily experience.

Make those bookends reflective and you will regain a sense of agency. For example, start the day writing down 1 kind action you will take during the day and before bed write down 3 sources of pride from the day.

2) Willingness to be flexible.

Well, this seems strange since we were just talking about structure; yet the ability to balance both structure and flexibility is a sign of resilience.

Affirm this is a “temporary new normal” and be willing to do some things differently than you ever would have before this crisis. Most likely, you will surprise yourself by

A) what you are actually able to do and

B) what new ways of being you choose to keep when this crisis is all said and done.

3) Calm communication.

Crisis will bring to the forefront everything we’ve been ignoring or avoiding about ourselves and our relationships. Best to be ahead of any potential explosion by consciously choosing to have a “difficult conversation”.

Start by getting clear about what you need in some quiet refection or journaling for yourself and then start a conversation by calmly expressing, “I would like to talk to you about something that feels very vulnerable to me.”

Then make an agreement that each person has a certain amount of time to share while the other just listens. Set a timer if needed.

I would love to hear how these three pillars support you. Just hit “reply” and let me know.

Exceptional people are called to RISE UP during Exceptional Times and not only will we get through this together, but we will transcend this – together.

In Faith,

XO. Heather

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