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it hit me hard

February 21, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Sometimes I feel such deep sadness it’s as if it’s going to turn me inside out.

It usually hits me when I’m out and about in the world.

Suddenly, my highly sensitive system is struck with what feels like the depths of the entire planet’s suffering coursing through my body.

These moments used to take me out for days.

The way that would show up for me was pushing my way through as much busyness, disconnect, distraction and any possible way I could numb myself out until I was so overwhelmed and exhausted I couldn’t feel the sadness – or anything else.

Not anymore.

Oh, believe me, I still get hit by these waves of deep planetary despair but they no longer scare me or rock my world.

Instead, I have learned to lean in.

I’ve learned how to name the energy that is mine and the energy that is not.

I’ve learned that being overwhelmed is NOT helpful to me, but more importantly, not helpful to others.

Rather than running away, I lean in so I can power up.

Through that power, I am able to show up to serve.

I am present to do my part; my part toward the shifting of the planet upward.

I now know the sadness is not mine to carry and it doesn’t do anyone any good for me to take it on and pretend that it is.


XO. Heather

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