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69 HSE Feature with Interior Designer, Mindy Wagner

November 06, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Mindy Wagner on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Today on this HSE Feature on A Course In Business Miracles, we have Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Interior Designer Mindy Wagner. Before acknowledging her Highly Sensitive nature, Mindy was working for much less than she should have been and for way too many clients, burning herself out regularly and having to turn to coping mechanisms to deal with her daily life.

Listen in to hear about how she went from having an overloaded schedule with too many clients at rates that were too low to now working with one or two ideal clients with much higher rates and more time to truly share her gifts and talents. I’m so excited for you to hear from Mindy on this episode!

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I took action during that presentation that you made. I felt a transformation immediately.” – Mindy Wagner

Show Notes:

  • How Heather and Mindy first connected
  • How Mindy’s business has grown since fully understanding her HSE nature
  • What helped Mindy move from just having her business happen to her to having fun in it
  • The difference her clients have seen in her
  • How Mindy has seen her business grow
  • The programs of A Course In Business Miracles that helped Mindy the most
  • What Mindy has found to be the most valuable part of the Business Miracles community
  • Mindy’s advice for other HSEs

For me, the retreat was the beginning of my stability.” – Mindy Wagner

Links Mentioned:

I really look forward to seeing what’s next. But I’m not worried about it!” – Mindy Wagner

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