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66 HSE Feature with Fitness Lifestyle Coach, Monica Keena

September 25, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Monia Keena on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Listen in as I talk with HSE Fitness Lifestyle Coach, Monica Keena to hear about how she went from being overworked and discouraged in her business to learning, that as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur, she was just wired differently and therefore needed to work differently. Monica tells us about her dramatic shift from feeling deflated to now feeling that she is living her purpose, and that part of her particular purpose is for everything to be fun!

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I was so tired and exhausted trying to do everything, and you spoke to that. I found it so interesting that being Highly Sensitive could be all part of it.” – Monica Keena

Show Notes:

  • What got Monica interested in the HSE Mentoring program
  • The difference the Business Miracles program has made for Monica and her business
  • How the HSE Mentoring program brought the fun back to Monica’s business
  • Why the deep work in our business and in our lives doesn’t have to be dark
  • The before and after in Monica’s life when she took on her new mindset
  • Monica’s advice for other HSEs

I was looking at what everybody else was doing, as opposed to looking up and running my business from my heart.” – Monica Keena

Links Mentioned:

It has to be fun, you can’t be miserable, you can’t be suffering.” – Monica Keena

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