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my intuitive hit

October 23, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Recently I got the intuitive hit that it was time to return to making social media videos. Now, if you know me, you know I do NOT like making videos.

As a Highly Sensitive, I would much rather be working quietly in the corner than in front of the camera, and if you’re reading this, my sense is that you can probably relate.

However, I’ve definitely learned over the years to pay attention to my Highly Sensitive Strength of Intuition.

At the same time, I’ve been hearing from the Highly Sensitives in the Business Miracles Community what I’ve been teaching and training on in regards to Highly Sensitive Leadership through these Exceptional Times has been super supportive, and they’ve asked if I would share in a larger way.

So here I am, a Super Uber Highly Sensitive, posting videos on social media – all to support Highly Sensitive Leaders to step into a new level of leadership that’s very much needed in the world right now.

I received some amazing responses after posting my first video asking what makes a Highly Sensitive Leader, AND I also got a few private messages asking me about a phrase that I used at the end of that video when I said, “This Global pandemic has shown us that there is no longer room for ‘pretty marketing’.”

As I read through several messages asking “Heather what did you mean when you said pretty marketing?”, it made me think of a friend that I had in Graduate School.

Any time she didn’t like how things were going, her response was always:


As someone who happens to be shorter, browner, and curvier, that tells you a lot about where myself esteem was in grad school, but it also shows how, pre-pandemic, all of us played a part in valuing “pretty marketing” – believing that taller, blonder and thinner meant better.

“If someone has a lot of shoes that must mean that they are good at what they do.”

“If someone lives in a really big house that must mean that they’re the best coach.”


As a result of this Global Pandemic, we are being called as Highly Sensitive Leaders to change this conversation.

What would you be able to do differently if you gave just as much value to your intuition as you gave pre-pandemic to pretty marketing?

What would you be able to create by valuing intuition over influence? Take a moment to answer this question for yourself. No right, no wrong, no judgement.

Stay tuned! On the next video I will teach you how to take your response and turn it into what I am calling Legacy Messaging, which is truly going to change how you show up as a Highly Sensitive Leader, whether that be at the dinner table conversation, in your business and marketing, leading in the board room or anywhere else that you are meant to show up as a Highly Sensitive Leader who uses your strengths to excel in Business and Life by doing things differently.

In Faith,

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