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Never forget…

September 11, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

19 years ago today I had just started a new job teaching drama in a NYC public high school when, from my 9th floor classroom window, I saw the biggest cloud of black smoke I’d ever seen roll across the sky and the world changed forever.

How do you respond when your city is burning and you don’t know if another attack will come – when you find yourself face to face with the unknown?

Fast forward to 2020 when again, my beloved city – along with the entire world – is under siege from a different kind of terrorism, in the forms of a global pandemic and a war for racial justice.

One thing I learned in 2001 that has definitely been confirmed over and over again in these Exceptional Times, is that times of intensity present us with an opportunity.

An opportunity for growth.

An opportunity to embrace our highly sensitive nature and use our Highly Sensitive Strengths to stay calm and grounded, to remain strong and steady – even in the midst of the tumultuous noise of a broken world that desperately needs healing.

An opportunity to Do Things Differently.

My life and work have traveled far over these past 19 years and I’m so grateful for every breath and every step I’ve been so fortunate to take.

Today, I invite you to join me in remembering and honoring those, who on 9/11/01, had this fortune taken from them.

Be love.

Be compassion.

Be kindness.

In Faith,

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