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the next big marketing thing

October 12, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

I constantly hear from HSEs insisting that they need to be doing the “next big marketing thing”. I get told how they “watched this video”, “attended this event”, or “heard this class” and that they now NEED this “next big marketing thing” and the reason they haven’t been able to be successful in their business is because they don’t have “IT”.

Whenever I hear this I first have to take a deep breath and then I kindly ask something like,Have you been having at least one 1:1 selling conversation every day for at least 90 days?” and then I hear, “Well, no. I can’t find prospects because I don’t have “IT”!” and I lovingly reply,Have you been ASKing people if they’d like to have a conversation with you?” and I hear, “NO! Where would I find them? What would I say?” to which I breathe even more deeply and say with even more love,Have you been leaving your house to go out and meet them or picking up the phone to call them?”.

Now, this often produces a deep stare as if I had 3 heads.

See, here’s the thing I know for sure, HSEs are terrified of being seen because most of us have spent our lives trying very hard NOT to be seen as we’ve tried so hard to blend in with the rest of the world and not be found out for being different.

The jiggy is that this is EXACTLY what’s needed for an HSE to be successful.

We must be willing to be seen for who we truly are (this is what I teach as the Core Practice of V&V Energy – Visibility and Vulnerability).

No “next big marketing thing” is going to save you from this or allow you to avoid it.

Is it easy to step out and directly and authentically ASK for business? No. And anyone who tells you differently is either

A) lying or
B) doesn’t understand HSEs.

But, it is possible.

As long as you are willing for it to be a process that takes massive consistent practice as well as a hunk of aligned support from teachings that show you how and a Community that gets you.

Then the reward is exponential. Not only do you actually begin to enroll clients, but you’re freed from a lifetime of believing you’re not enough and that the answer must be in the “next big thing”.

XO. Heather

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