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December 28, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

“I can’t believe you did that. What a loser! You don’t belong here. You never will. You’ll never be able to get it right.”


These are words that most Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs (HSEs) would never consider even thinking about a person, let alone uttering out loud to a person.

Except to ourselves.

Two HSE Shadows that can be a challenge to get a handle on: Self-judgement and Self-criticism. I get questions all of the time from my Business Miracles Mentoring Members about the difference between the two …

Self-judgement: all the ways you judge yourself for not measuring up to the other 80%.

Self-criticism: the voice you hear inside your head berating you for not measuring up to the other 80% (in our Business Miracles forums we use the acronym “SEV” to describe this which stands for “Super-Ego Voice”).

Neither one of these HSE Shadows is going to support you in building a successful business. Actually, these are the two that will take you out the fastest.

This is why we address them head-on from Day 1 in the Business Miracles Mentoring Programs. All so that you can be released from the prison of people-pleasing and chameleoning yourself to the supposed expectations of others.

And, most importantly, freed from the fear of judgement and from the worst critic you could ever encounter – yourself.

A step out of Littleness into Magnitude, knowing you are enough in all the highly sensitive ways you were made.

XO. Heather

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