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Overwhelmed? Try this

September 20, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

If I was asked to name THE ONE success key that I teach my Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE) Clients it would be: how to manage overwhelm.

Since this is one of the dominant HSE Shadows it impacts everything in an HSE’s business: marketing, selling, operations, next level growth … you name it.

And here’s the real jiggy for HSEs – it never goes away.


And that’s what gets most HSEs in trouble.

When it comes to overwhelm HSEs try to control it, stuff it, jam it, kick-box it, curse it, slam it, avoid it, pretty it, ignore it, and yet – there it still is.

Which only makes sense because a HSE nervous system is wired to react to over-stimulation and that is everything that the world of self-employment is – over stimulation.

BUT (and here’s the success key part) you can change your relationship to it.

You CAN change your relationship to overwhelm.

And this is what I teach my Business Miracles Mentoring Members to do.

Now, here’s the second real jiggy – you will need to change your relationship to overwhelm with every next business level you grow to.

It’s not like you learn how to manage overwhelm and then you’re the overwhelm zen master of all time.


Every new level of business growth is going to give you a whole new level of learning when it comes to managing overwhelm – every. time.

This is what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Leader (HSL) in your business and your life and as long as you’re willing to accept that this is the ride you’re on as a HSE, then you’re good!

Oh, and, of course, you want to get some solid mentoring support in place for the whole ride as well – for sanity sake and for speeding through those moments when you want to throw in the HSE towel. 🙂

XO. Heather

P.S. Want to know the steps of HOW to do this? Of course! It’s everything I teach. 🙂 Just fill out this form and we will get you all set up to speak to one of our Business Miracles Enrollment Coaches to see if the deep, business-altering work we do makes sense for you. 

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