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86 HSE Feature with Interior Designer, Penny Bartlow

July 01, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

HSE Feature with Interior Designer, Penny Bartlow on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Welcome to the A Course In Business Miracles podcast! Today we have an HSE Feature, where we showcase a wonderful part of our HSE community. And this episode features interior designer and author Penny Bartlow.

Penny Bartlow is the founder of PKB Design, which provides professional interior design services around the New York area, serving everyone from individuals and families to state and federal government offices. Penny has also authored many published articles on interior design that are featured in leading magazines in her field, as well as a book titled “Lead From Within”, which helps people learn how to apply their integrity in both your personal and professional lives.

Since joining the HSE community, Penny has learned a lot about what has held her back in the past, and what drives her into her future. She now knows that the good and the bad don’t happen to her, they happen through her, and has learned that she could design her business to work for her and her spiritual life.

Listen in as I talk with HSE Interior Designer, Penny Bartlow to hear how after she joined the Business Miracles Mentoring Programs and learned she was highly sensitive she then also learned to use her strengths to have more balance in life and abundance in business including through these Exceptional Times.

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When I learned about how being an HSE affected everything in my life, it started to connect the dots for me.” – Penny Bartlow

Show Notes:

  • How a serendipitous email from Heather sparked Penny’s HSE journey
  • The ways that Penny’s outlook with her marketing has shifted since joining A Course In Business Miracles
  • Why Penny gave up on trying to change the world around her and focused on herself
  • How the Business Miracles teachings have helped Penny during the pandemic
  • What made Penny choose magnitude over littleness
  • How HSEs connecting in person creates a special energy that can’t be found online
  • What’s next for Penny on her HSE journey
  • Penny’s advice for potential HSEs looking to uplevel in their business

I realized I wasn’t fully integrating my spirituality with my business.” – Penny Bartlow

Links Mentioned:

I’m just more at peace now.” – Penny Bartlow

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