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(personal) do you ever feel like “it” is meant for everyone but you?

January 03, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

I’m writing today about something incredibly personal and vulnerable that I experienced before I discovered I was highly sensitive.

For years, I struggled financially to get my head above water and my feet on the ground.

I started my first business as a Health and Wellness Coach and though my calendar was filled with clients, I was barely paying my bills.

And since I had started my business in the midst of filing personal bankruptcy, this was not a tenable situation.

Though I was really “busy” I was constantly drowning in overwhelm and fear. I was never really sure where to focus first or how to prioritize my actions in order to successfully fully transition from my previous career as a high school teacher to being self-employed with a profitable business that would allow me the freedom of time and financial flow so I could create and contribute what I knew deep down inside was my calling.

I felt very alone and like I had to do this all by myself.

I was constantly victimized by the belief that no one really got me.

I had a whole story running about why I wasn’t getting the opportunities I so desperately longed for and why I had to work so hard.

But then I had this moment of revelation during a session with my mentor, Marianne Williamson: I had been dabbling. 

I was saying and looking like I was doing the work to move myself forward, but what I was really doing was avoiding looking deeply INWARD at what would need to change about my behavior in order to get different results and then activating the willingness to take OUTWARD action on those inner realizations and actually do things differently.

Flash back to a year before this revelation: I was working with a marketing mentor who really was not a match for me. There was a lot of pushing to do more, more, more. Being pushed to do more triggered the achiever coping mechanism I had developed after my mother died when I was 14 years old. Though, again, I was “busy” and had generated more income than ever before, I was exhausted and with a very low net. So I barely had anything to show for it. I was miserable.

It was an absolute dark night of the soul.

I was disillusioned with the coaching industry. I looked around and thought, what is happening here? I retreated into myself except for the love and attention that I continued to pour into my clients. I said to myself, I’ve got to figure this thing out because if this is what it means to be successfully self-employed, I don’t want it. 

What am I doing? Who am I? What am I here to be?

Through that self-inquiry process, I came to understand that I am a highly sensitive person.

Being highly sensitive didn’t surprise me; but what really stunned me was how highly sensitive I was. Off-the-charts-score. Because one of my foundational principle teachings is understanding that your ideal client is a version of you, I brought the self-quiz I had taken to my highest-level clients at that time and every single person in the room was also highly sensitive. I thought, huh, something is happening here.

Through my in-depth study with Dr. Elaine Aron, who’s a leading researcher and founder of highly sensitive persons, and her work I began to understand that being highly sensitive did not mean that I was weak, incapable or even shy. What it did mean was that I was deeply intuitive, empathic, creative and I began to piece together how all of this made an impact on my business.

According to Dr. Aron 20% of the entire world population is uniquely genetically coded to be a “royal advisor.”For those of us attracted to being service-based entrepreneurs, we are literally lined up, aligned to create success because we are naturally coded to do so. So, I thought to myself, if this is the case then that means we are meant to be in our businesses and sell and market as highly sensitive persons in a way that is also different than the other 80% of the world.

According to A Course in Miracles, the definition of a miracle is a “shift in perception.”I began to clearly understand that this is exactly what’s required for a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur to be successfully self-employed. We must begin to shift the perception of ourselves. Our difference does not mean we must hide in the shadows of our highly sensitive traits; it means we must claim the abilities we’ve been coded with as strengths. We must use our Highly Sensitive Strengths to create our business success, to create Business Miracles.

From there, everything changed. The moment I brought who I truly was into alignment with how I was showing up in the world, everything became more enjoyable, more peaceful and more prosperous.

I have taken everything I’ve discovered and learned to create award-winning events, classes, courses and business mentoring programs to support fellow HSEs in generating more income than they’ve ever imagined within their royal advisor role. I have also continued to generate my own 7-figure business success, but now I am much more at peace as I follow my own circadian rhythm and allow my HSE Strengths to lead the way for my productivity and creativity.

Now, it’s your turn. And this is the time of year to do it, more than ever.

NOW – trust me, I know it’s easy to think: “all well and good for you, Heather, but you don’t know my situation.”

You say to yourself:

I don’t have enough time, I don’t have money. I don’t have enough education.”

“I can’t find my ideal clients.”

“Selling is hard when you’re highly sensitive.”

“The economy is bad.”

“People don’t want to spend money on my type of services.”

“I can’t ask people to pay for the gifts God gave me.”

And while there might be some aspects to consider about these external constraints…  

You’re never going to create HSE Financial Success by blaming your circumstances.

And definitely not by excusing your highly sensitive nature.

So, then the question becomes: Who or what are you blaming as the reason you can’t make the money or have what you want in your business?

Most likely, your experience in this world as a highly sensitive has been different and perhaps, very likely, more difficult.

But you’re never going to create what you want in your business by excusing your highly sensitive nature.

The truth is that your business isn’t happening to you, even though this is how it sometimes feels …

Your business is happening FOR you.

Your core beliefs and assumptions about who you are or what is or isn’t possible, create the ways you show up in your business day after day.

And you’re probably showing up in ways that then produce evidence that reinforces the “truth” of these stories.

See, your business, especially your prospects, mirror how you show up.

The areas where you’re struggling to be successful in your business – are actually reflecting to you the ways you’re showing up from the parts of you that are wounded or stuck in these old stories of your highly sensitive self as weak, less than or incapable – your HSE Shadows.

You can’t generate success on top of a deep feeling of being unworthy…

And you can’t make an impact on the world if you secretly fear you have nothing worthwhile to contribute…

As I’ve been known to say, “you can’t fool energy”, which means you can’t fake it, and here’s why:

You’ll be trying to create something new out of beliefs and, therefore, behaviors that are old.

So, we must learn how to shift from your HSE Shadows to your HSE Strengths.

And once you do that, your “income glass ceiling” will completely shatter.

Within a matter of weeks, your business can begin to completely reorganize and other people will begin to reflect back to you the “royal advisor” that you are.

The steps to get there are what I will be outlining in my brand-new FREE LIVE TRAINING:

How to Make More Money Using Your HSE Strengths  

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If you are feeling a much greater potential for the full expression of prosperity that reflects your value…

Then I believe making the shift to creating from your HSE Strengths is the single most important thing you can do to fully step forward into this business purpose that’s calling you…

I want you to know that what you desire to create and experience in your business is possible!

And our world needs your highly sensitive talents and traits — all you have to offer in service to others.

When you make the shift to creating from your HSE Strengths, you can experience peaceful prosperity and so much more…

Thank you for being part of our global Business Miracles Community of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs. Our connection matters deeply to me.

See you in class. 🙂

XO. Heather 

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