The Business Miracles Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs Podcast

Teaching highly sensitive people how to do things differently.

As Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders we possess a unique set of strengths that are coded for you to experience a higher level of success and prosperity. That’s why we’ve created this highly sensitive entrepreneur podcast. We invite creative entrepreneurs to join Highly Sensitive Leadership Mentor, Heather Dominick, as she teaches you how to work less while making more – of an impact and income – by being willing to see and do things differently; a Business Miracle.

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43 HSE Coping Mechanisms

Do you allow your HSE Coping Mechanism to take control of your business … and even your life? As HSE’s, our Coping Mechanisms can change our outlooks and diminish our efforts, and potentially even destroy our businesses. Listen in to learn which HSE Coping Mechanism you default to and how to keep it from affecting your income, relationships, health and overall well being.


“The way that the super-ego plays out for pushers is anger turned outwards, and for hiders, it takes anger and implodes it.” – Heather Dominick


Show Notes:

  • The different kinds of HSE Coping Mechanisms
  • How different HSE’s use these Coping Mechanisms
  • Where the super-ego comes in, and how it gets our attention
  • The ways that the super-ego preys upon our weaknesses
  • Why super-ego incidents happen to HSE’s
  • Why all of these defenses exist within us
  • What it takes for HSE’s to move past these challenges

“The knowing will come with the doing, but that requires you to be willing to not be perfect.” – Heather Dominick

Business Miracles Podcast Host

And Founder of A Course in Business Miracles

I’m Mentor Heather Dominick, founder of A Course In Business Miracles. Since 2010, I’ve been training highly sensitive entrepreneurs and leaders to do things differently by working less, making more of a social impact and a higher income.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from being highly sensitive and a person who has experienced an immense amount of loss – including the the death of my mother when I was 14, and starting my business in the midst of personal bankruptcy in 2003 – to being the consistent steward of a 7-figure mission, and poured it into the comprehensive design of the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program for Entrepreneurs so you have everything you need to learn how to excel in your business and life.

I hope you will both enjoy and profit from this podcast.

Heather Dominick presents the highly sensitive entrepreneur podcast

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185 Setting Business Boundaries as an HSP

I share how to get clear about your HSP needs and then specifically how to work with time to honor your needs, effectively communicate your needs to others (a.k.a. set boundaries) all so that you can be your most creative and profitable self in your business.

“Utilizing 'off, on, and in' gives you the opportunity to prioritize self-study.” - Heather Dominick.

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185 Setting Business Boundaries as an HSP - Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

184 Fuel Your Magnificence

In the journey of becoming and being an HSP in business and leadership, it's important to consistently engage in the process of shifting from an untrained HSP to a trained HSP. All in order to create with more ease. However, as HSPs we often get caught up in the false belief that in order to succeed in business and leadership we need to do it the same way as the other 80% who are not highly sensitive. So we forgo the value of paced process in exchange for "playing a bigger game hustle" which tends to toss us into the HSP Coping Cycle of Fear/Anxiety/Pushing/Hiding/Shame/Recovery, rather than motivating us to create productively.

“The places where you are not inspired are actually the places where you are meant to be paying deep attention.” - Heather Dominick.

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184 Fuel Your Magnificence - Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

183 Embrace Your HSP Difference

In this podcast episode, I read an excerpt from my book "Different", where I vulnerably share my struggle to write my book. I came to realize I was guided to write it because I was meant to teach HSPs not just how to market and sell in their business differently, but how to step up and lead as a highly sensitive to create greater impact (and income) with a lot less effort through these extraordinary times.

“My time to lead from my highly sensitive strengths has come.” - Heather Dominick.

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183 Embrace Your HSP Difference - Business Miracles with Heather Dominick
Heather Dominick presents the highly sensitive entrepreneur podcast

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