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48 Use Your Highly Sensitive Traits to Create Peaceful Productivity and Prosperity

January 16, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Prosperity on Business Miracles

Welcome to episode 48 of the Business Miracles Podcast! My wish for you, and for all of us Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs, is that this new year of 2019 brings with it an incredible change. That this year is the year of all years where you’ll be able to step out of the patterns of the past and finally be ready to do things differently. To really be who you’ve been brought here to be.

In this episode, I share some important insights I see are needed for us Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs now more than ever and the changes I will personally be making to my business this year as a result.

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Now more than ever, Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs are needed. We are needed in the world from a place of strength rather than shadow.” – Heather Dominick

Show Notes:

  • Why many Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs never learned to set boundaries for themselves
  • Heather’s journey into understanding her own Highly Sensitive self
  • What makes the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur movement so important
  • The common manifestations of HSE shadows, and how to activate the HSE Strengths all Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs have
  • How the Business Miracles Mentoring Program has been structured for maximum impact in your life and your business
  • What V and V energy is, and the power it can have on your confidence in your business
  • The transformation that occurs at Business Miracles training retreats
  • The foundational principles of the Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur program
  • How the Business Miracles program affected Kay, and her complete transformation into a mastery of the foundational principles
  • How to know if the Business Miracles program is right for you
  • Questions and answers from those interested in the Business Miracles program

You must move beyond coping into learning how to manage your energy as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur, which gives you access to your HSE strengths.” – Heather Dominick

Links Mentioned:

As HSE’s, it’s not so much about what you do, but the way you do it.” – Heather Dominick


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