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July 26, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my almost 15 years of being self-employed is that there is a 1000% difference in understanding a concept intellectually and being willing to live it, fully embody it, emotionally. Let me tell you more of what I mean …

The first one takes some effort, for sure. You need to take in new ideas, consider concepts never before considered and compute information that’s new to your psyche.

The second? Well, that’s a-whole-nother ball of wax. This is a process of embodiment and it takes a deep willingness to DO things differently and not just once or even twice or even three times, but over and over and over again.

And not just when the going is easy and you’ve just rolled off your meditation cushion, but in those moments when the fire is hot. The moments when:

– the marketing doesn’t work

– the prospect doesn’t enroll

– a team member betrays you

– a client is talking smack behind your back

– the printer breaks in the middle of readying the handouts for the presentation you’re giving in 30 minutes across town

– the dog, children, spouse need you exactly when you have an important client call and you must say to them, “NO, NOT RIGHT NOW.”

– a tax bill is due that you forgot about

– you find yourself trolling social media rather than writing your own newsletter

– you’re doing everything else except creating the time to birth the big project that keeps begging at your hear

and I could go on … (because I have personally experienced all of this and a whole lot more …)

In all of these situations an intellectual understanding of your HSE Strengths doesn’t do squat.

(Be sure to read that last sentence again).


In these moments what’s needed is support, accountability and continued, clear teachings that show you how to move through these moments with grace and grit and a resilience that is built from a repetitive showing up for that support, accountability and continued teachings.

There’s no other way to true transformation.

Oh, I’ve seen a lot of HSEs try to Betty Crocker their way through, but then I’ve also seen them continuously frustrated with why their business keeps producing just the same ‘ol batch of cookies (you’re getting this metaphor, right? :))

It’s the willingness to dive in deep, to do the real work, and to stay. with. it. that creates the real-unshakeable-nobody-can-ever-take-them-from-you-results.

– BOOM! –

XO. Heather

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