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64 HSE Feature with Organizer Sarah Grace

August 28, 2019  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Sarah Grace on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Welcome to this Business Miracles HSE Feature Episode. I am just really, really thrilled to be featuring Sarah Grace as a member of the Business Miracles Community and as a successful Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur.

Sarah, aside from being a valued member of the Business Miracles Community, is the creator of the revolutionary Break Up Organizing method that supports individuals in reclaiming their physical space after any type of significant life loss, whether that be the ending of a romantic relationship, the loss of a loved one, or even a job transition.

Sarah is also the founder of Embrace Your Space NYC, which specializes in residential organizing for individuals. Sarah brings a background as a teacher to every client interaction, transferring skills and fostering new habits that will help individuals take control of their living environment.

Yet you will want to listen in as I talk with Sarah about how she was resistant to changing the way she charged and offered her work with clients to how I mentored her to see things in a new way, and through her willingness she now works so much more efficiently with her clients, working fewer hours while creating greater, deeper, more meaningful results. We started mentoring together in 2014, and by 2017 she had doubled her income, and now she is on track to triple it (Oh! And she got married in the midst of all of it!)

It is just such an honor to be a part of her HSE journey, and I’m just so pleased to be sharing this episode with you today.

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The beauty is that I find that in whatever program I’m in, I get exactly the support I need.” – Sarah Grace

Show Notes:

  • When and why Heather and Sarah first connected
  • What Sarah has learned through each of the mentoring programs
  • How Sarah’s “Highly Sensitive” label had become problematic rather than helpful
  • How the HSE Mentoring program has affected Sarah’s business
  • What motivated Sarah to design her life to suit her needs
  • Sarah’s favorite A Course In Business Miracles teachings
  • How the Business Miracles community contributed to Sarah’s success
  • What inspired Sarah to learn to trust others more
  • Sarah’s advice to those who are unsure if they should start in the Business Miracles program

The difference is night and day between now and when we started working together.” – Sarah Grace

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Being in the Business Miracles community is such a gift, because it’s a place where we all just get each other.” – Sarah Grace

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