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she snapped at me!

December 21, 2018  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

Recently I heard this …“I’m paying you to tell me what to do!”, snapped a very unsettled Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur (HSE). “Oh, dear”, I thought, “this sweet soul is in the wrong place.

There are plenty of programs where the coach will instruct you about what to do in your business exactly like she did to create her 6/7 figures. And this will work – for anyone who is exactly like her.

But what I know to be true is:

1) HSEs are not like most 6/7 figure coaches out there.

2) HSEs need to approach their business building in a way that matches who they are in the world – different.

3) HSEs thrive when they are allowed to uncover, discover and, most importantly, embrace their true self. It’s like this major, magnetic, long-buried abundance factor gets ignited.

This is why I don’t coach; I mentor.

Because to be successful as an HSE it’s never going to be about a plug-in formula.

It’s going to be about using trusted, proven teachings and tools to uncover the highest expression of the personal Divine who is You and then learning how to have that working on your behalf in every moment of your business in your full, attractive and complexly creative glory.

Then it’s yours to own. Forever.

XO. Heather

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