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75 HSE Feature with Speaker and Singer Stephanie Bonte-Lebair

January 29, 2020  |  Posted by Heather Dominick

HSE Feature with Speaker and Singer Stephanie Bonte-Lebair on Business Miracles with Heather Dominick

Welcome back to the HSE Feature series on A Course In Business Miracles, where I speak with HSE’s who have found their true calling and conquered their HSE Shadows to create the life they dreamed of.

Today, I’m talking with HSE Speaker and Singer, Stephanie Bonte-Lebair to hear how before she joined the Business Miracles Mentoring Program, she was in complete overwhelm and the HSE Coping Mechanism of Pushing. She had 40 private clients she was seeing every single weekday, and she was only charging $60 an hour to NOW being able to generate $10,000 in one conversation. She was also was teaching until nine o’clock at night, and on weekends, and had no time for her family to NOW having weekends off to spend with her family and do the things she loves. Listen in to learn how Stephanie overcame her HSE Coping Mechanism and created a bountiful business out of a stressful and overwhelming life.

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I was the type of person who felt that I needed to be strong enough to do everything myself. That I could build and run a business and just figure it out.” – Stephanie Bonte-Lebair

Show Notes:

  • When Heather and Stephanie first met
  • Stephanie’s experience in learning that she was a Highly Sensitive Person
  • How Stephanie has seen her life change since joining the Business Mentoring Program
  • The changes that have occurred in her business
  • How Stephanie’s family life has improved
  • Why the Business Miracles teaching is so different than other business coaching programs
  • The tool from A Course In Business Miracles that Stephanie is finding the most useful in her life
  • Stephanie’s next steps in building her business

I would be ill so that I could recuperate and recover so I could do more pushing, it was a horrible cycle.” – Stephanie Bonte-Lebair

Links Mentioned:

The more that I allow my joy and talent to be a part of how I find my clients, the easier it is to do everything I want to do.” – Stephanie Bonte-Lebair

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