Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur Training Kit:

Stop the Overwhelm

Manage your energy to take control of your nervous system and stop the overwhelm from taking over.

Move beyond the HSE Shadow of overwhelm and other low level energies that keep you stuck in an exhausting emotional rollercoaster. Instead learn to access your HSE Strengths and take control of your nervous system and mindset using the included energy management tools to consistently create tangible trackable progress towards the business and life success you are here to create as a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur® (HSE). This Training Kit includes:

  • 6 audio trainings with transcripts
  • 4 valuable tools to support with managing your energy proactively and consistently
  • a transformation assignment with practical steps to help you to stop the overwhelm from taking over
  • a $500 voucher for new members towards the Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Program

* This training was created from Heather Dominick’s years of extensive research and experience mentoring close to thousands of Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and leaders since 2010. Includes a free subscription to weekly Business Miracles Inspiration Emails. If you are already subscribed to our weekly emails, your subscription will be paused briefly while receiving emails for this offer, and will resume once all related emails have been received. This is to avoid overwhelm and provide a strong container of support to focus on this powerful resource. We respect your privacy. Your information will never be shared or sold.

Heather Dominick with blue scarf and white chair

“Through the use of consistent energy management I was able to gracefully handle leading…”

“Through the use of consistent Energy Management I was able to gracefully handle leading a full holiday themed kindermusik playdate in the midst of personal busyness – with lots of ease and no overwhelm. Success!”


Highly Sensitive Leader and Owner/Teacher, Regal Performing Arts